Top Skin & Hair Hacks One Can Find In Their Own Kitchen


Contributed By Abhignya V
Velaku velu manam parlour la meeda kharchu petti petti, epudo apudu manaki “asal idanta avasarama” ana thought raakunda undadu. Kaani ade vellala odda ana cycle mali repeat authune untundi. What if I told you some awesome remedies, that not only help your skin and hair, but also lead to a healthy lifestyle that is free from all sorts of side effects 😊


1. Anti-tan face pack:
Basically idi chaala simple face pack. All you have to do is- Take half bowl curd, add one spoon honey, two drops of lemon and half spoon turmeric. Anthey, mix them up and apply it onto your face. Leave it for 15-20mins and wash your face with cold water. I assure, results first time nunde thelusthundi. Weekly once idi petkuna chaalu.


2. Hair mask:
Idi kocham thick texture una mask. Oka chinna problem deenitoh entante, your hair might smell of the ingredients for like a day, but it’s not that bad after all. Mi hair length accordingly half or one whole fully ripe banana ni theskoni, andulo oka egg white add chesi leave it on until it gets partially dry and wash it off with a mild shampoo. Conditioner avoid chesina parledu. This hair mask will leave your hair silky smooth. 2 weeks ki oka sari petkunte, in few months you’d also have thick luscious healthy looking hair.


3. Eye lash/ Eye brow oil:
This is my favorite and no one talks about hacks related to eye lashes and eye brows often. So here I am with a life changing hack. So basically oka spoon coconut oil and half spoon castor oil, ee ratio lo two oils ni mix chesi, cleaned eye lash wand or ear bud tho deeni mi eye lashes and eye brows ki apply chesi, leave it overnight. Voila! Do this every night and by the month end you’ll have the thick eye lashes and brows you’ve been wishing for


4. Scrub for in grown hair:
In grown hair ni manam strawberry skin ani kuda antam. Basically this happens when you wear tight skin hugging clothes often, shave/wax too often before even your body hair fully grows. Deeni kosam we can always prepare a scrub that’ll help you get rid of strawberry skin. Two spoons coffee, two spoon sugar or sea salt and one spoon conditioner (yes! Conditioner. Why? To not let the sugar or coffee cut your skin and leave it burning and also for the scrub to have a texture). Weird aa? Not at all once you try this scrub. This will leave your skin smooth.
Caution : Don’t use this scrub on your face. Endukante face skin sensitive! Also conditioner face paina pedtey pimples osthai.


5. Dark circles:
Idi annitlo simplest. All you need to have is – Raw potato. Yes! Antha easy. So meeru oka slice of raw potatoe cut chesi, me eyes meedu petkoni oka power nap cheyandi. Every alternate day chesthey better. Also, for best results try to sleep on time every day and get rid of the dark circles.


Yay! Wasn’t this really helpful? Mari ee hacks try chesi comments section lo cheppandi, which one really helped and also meeku emana hacks thelisthey kuda cheppandi sumi.. let’s share the knowledge 😉


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