H3N2 Hadavidi: If You Just Came To Office From WFH And You Got Flu In This Fever Season

Bayata situation enti masteru asalu, evarni chusina cold, cough and fever antunnaru, summer holidays kosam wait chesthunna students nunchi WFH nunchi office ki vasthunna employees dhaka evarni adigina fever eh antunnaru, idi normal eh na inkoti edhaina na ane inko doubtuu..

Me and my friends celebrating Holi be like.

My hyper friend while playing with Holi water.

Flu be like:

That’s my boy, what a confidence I say.. Gurthu pettuko tharvatha matladukundam

My friend:

Nenedho oopu lo casual ga ana ra

Cold and Cough:

Nenu serious ga thiskunna bro

My friend in weekends after coming to office from WFH:

My friend at hospital with flu and fever next week.

Inti dhagara unna aypov, ikkada vachi thirigi ee flu thechukunnaa

Me trying to meet my friends :

All my friends:

Fever undi ra, hospital lo unna ra, fever fever feverrrr


Why everyone is not there?

My colleagues:

Andharki fever, memu kuda tablets veskoni vacham, migitha vallu hospital lo unnaru

Me who just came from hometown for project work and sitting with colleagues who has viral fever

Me going to office in this fever season be like:

Ah viral fever naaku rakunda chudu devudaaaa

Me protecting myself from this viral fever:

Me planning to go for trips and night rides in this summer.

Viral flu and fever be like:

Me hearing about the viruses:

Year starting eh ila ayindi ante inka ee year ela untadho entooo

Meanwhile senior software biddalu like be:

Malli WFH ichesthara saar

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