Meet The Hyderabadi Family Who Secured 13 Guinness World Records In Their Name

Chinnapudu mana andharam dolls tho adukunevallame, kani gradually girls tharvatha teddy’s ki shift avtharu.. Kani oka ammayi manam adukunna chinnapati dolls ne inka ishta padi vaati through Global Recognition tho 13 Guinness World Records Certifications ni achieve chesindi ante… Meet Our Hyderabadi Lady Shivali Johri Srivastava.

This Hyderabadi youngster Shivali Johri Srivastava is from GITAM Hyderabad, recently completed her graduation in Computer Science. Puttindi Lucknow lo ayina tharvatha family andharu Hyderabad ki shift ayaru..

Passionate from childhood

Shivali was quite unlike other girls of her age, chinnapati nunchi thana view eppudu unique gane undedi, school nunche thana interest and talent arts meedha undi ani vaalla parents gurthinchaaru..

Konni painting competition lo aythe thana kanna 7-8 years senior students ne beat chesi unique gaa competition lo win ayye vaaru..

 To Be Unique

College lo unnapudu okasari casual ga news article chusthunte oka lady UAE nunchi 1145 quilled dolls collect chesi world record create chesindi ani chusaaru.. Akkada start ayindi idhantha.

College lo unnapude ilaa world record cheyyali ani motivate ayi valla parents and faculty help thiskunnaru, valla Mother Kavitha garu and Father Anil garu also joined hands with her.

With their parents support

9th June 2016 lo valla parents tho kalisi 1251 different paper dolls ni prepare chesi First Guinness record ni create chesaru. Tharvatha malli family tho kalisi 2,200 quilled dolls ni Children’s Day 2019 Hyderabad lo display chesi Guinness World Record certification ni earn chesaru..

2016 nunchi ippati varaku Shivali family motham 13 Guinness World Records ni create chesaru, dhantlo 15 Assist World Records unte 4 Unique World Records unnai.. This is also the highest number of Guinness records held by a single family in Hyderabad.

World Records

Earlier, Shivali valla parents tho kalisi 11 Guinness World Records earn chesaru, for the largest display of 7,011 uniquely quilled flowers, handmade paper quilled dolls of 2,111 different varieties, origami whales of 3,501, origami penguins of 2,100 and 6,132 origami citrus fruits inflated lemons, 6,001 origami whales, 2,500 penguins, 1,451 origami maple, 2,200 quilled dolls and 9,200 origami fish.

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