Guess The Movie Name From The Frame: 10 Epic Frames


Ideated by Mahanati
Body ki heart entha mukhyamo, movie ki frame antha mukhyam. Konni sarlu page dialogue kuda ivvaleni impact, oka andamaina frame cheppagaladu. Ala oka scene ni frame cheyadam lo oka director di okko style, Oka cinematographer lens nundi, oka andamaina frame ni rabattukovadam lo ne director talent undi. Oka frame chusina ventane ey movie o cheppa galigaamante akkada aa director success ayinattu. So ikkada oka quiz, konni movies nundi manchi frames ni gather chesi pedutunnam. Let’s see whether you will guess it right or not.



Ive kaadhu, prathi movie lo almost prathi movie lo oka andamaina frame untundi. Which showcases the taste of director.. movies lo meeku nachina frame ni mention cheyandi, lets make comment section as collection of beautiful frames from different movies..


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