All You Need To Know About West Godavari’s Gubbala Mangamma Temple That Is Home To Three Goddesses!

Contributed by Mythri Viraagi

Sri Gubbala Mangamma temple, located in Jangareddy gudem, West Godavari district, holds an interesting aspect which makes the temple special and worth a mention. This temple is located in the interior agency areas near the town.

A small water stream which flows near the main temple is something that you shouldn’t miss taking a view. Along with many other holy places, this temple also faced the heat of the state separation.

Legend is that Rama and Lakshmana stayed here during their “Aranyavasa time”, when they went in search of Sita. Two mango trees are present in this temple to mark their presence in this holy place. These two trees are prayed with utmost devotion by pilgrims. Another interesting story also mentions about Pandavas who stayed here during their exile. Bheema’s footsteps are said to be still present in the temple’s premises even today. This holy place is known for its interesting stories and is marked as one of the most worshipped places in our Telugu land.

According to folklore, this temple has been around since Tretayuga. It is said that Asuras ruled this place and during a fierce battle among Asuras themselves, the weapons of the battle fell on a particular cave where the goddess is residing. Angered by this act, the goddess was all set to kill all of them and then continued her ferocious form. After listening to the pleas of the Devas she agreed to self manifest at this place. It is said that along with Mangamma, Goddess Ganga and Nagamma also manifested here to restore peace on land.

The temple is said to be existing from centuries, but, it came into light only 30 year back. When a person named Krishnamurthy went into the forest to collect firewood, he came across some strange incidents. Later, the goddess is said to have appeared in his dream and with much determination, he went and found the goddess hidden in the depths of the forest and later made it into the temple today. The temple still holds its natural beauty around it and the minimal construction only adds to the scenery.


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