9 Great Performances Of 2018 That Got Ignored From The Big-Small Films Of The Year


2018 was a great year for Telugu cinema. We’ve watched quite a few good movies this year. But there are also films which are actually good but because the scale and release of the film is smaller, not many people have watched these films. So of course the performances in those films were left ignored and lost by many. So here are some of the great performances this year that got ignored from the big-small movies of the year:


1. Chandini Chowdary – Manu

Neela is one such character that shows us the 2 extremes of her character, sad and violent. Its almost unbelievable to her see her transform in between these 2 emotions when needed. Also Chandini, as a native Telugu speaking woman is a much much needed talent we’d love to watch more on screen.


2. Sree Vishnu – Needhi Nadhi Oke Katha

Sree Vishnu’s movies and roles have always been labelled ‘Underrated’, and this one is no different. Needhi Nadhi Oke Katha is also a special film because it is the first Telugu movie to adapt ‘Dogme-95’ filmmaking technique.


3. Vishwaksen – Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

Ever after Arjun Reddy, We’ve seen a lot of angry heroes, like.. A LOT. But this guy aced the role of frustrated, angry young man who lost his love in ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi‘.


4. Ruhani Sharma – Chi La Sow

Her portrayal of Anjali is by far one of the most progressive heroine roles this year. Kudos to Rahul Ravindran for writing such beautiful yet sensible female role.


5. Praveena Paruchuri – C/o Kancharapalem

Saleema will leave you devastated, to the core. Saleema is nothing but a sad reflection of our society. It is so tough explain the greatness of this role in a few words. In fact I wrote a detailed character analysis of Saleema, read it here.


6. Mohan Bhagath – C/o Kancharapalem

Director Venkatesh Maha crafted the role of Geddam with such perfection that his love for Saleema is unconditional, unexplainable, just like how pure love is supposed to be. Mohan Bhagat as an actor, entered into TFI with two big-small films releasing on the same date. (Manu & C/o Kancharapalem). Whatta talent!


7. Raju – C/o Kancharapalem

The most ‘unusual’ yet beautiful love story of this year, Raju – Radha’s story. In an age of where we’ve only seen love stories of young couples, this love story blew my mind, in a completely pleasant way.


8. Raja Gautham – Manu

Again, this experimental crowd-funded film has brought a lot of upcoming talent (both in form of cast and crew) closer to the audience. His performance as ‘Manu’ was definitely subtle and great.


9. Eesha Rebba – Awe

After ages, we finally see a ‘normal’ and progressive portrayal of Lesbian couple (Her and Nithya Menon in Awe) in a Telugu cinema. That itself is a a small size achievement, Yayy. Also Eesha is a Telugu talent, who needs one perfect role to get her talent out.


So, which great performance do you think got ignored this year? Do let us know in the comments below.

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