The Side Effects Of Graduation That Every Undergraduate Can Relate To!


Graduation is just like the making video of one’s professional career. It seems colorful only if everything goes well till the end. It is the loveliest phase of life to some people while the same is a nightmare to somebody else! Most of the graduates get affected with these special ‘Side Effects’ during their academic period. In addition to a certificate, these are the by-products of graduation:


1. Appatidhaka full name theliyanodu kuda vadi peru ki oka thoka tagilinchukuni halchal chesthu untadu. Competitive exams lo reservation benefits rakapovadam valla kondariki idhi start avochhu. Inkondariki vere reasons valla ee ‘unnecessary pride’ feel avuthu untaru. Nothing wrong, nothing right, and nothing great about this!


2. We worry a lot about not being from a family with great riches.Anthaku mundhu eppudu ee ‘low feeling’ chala mandhiki undi undadhu. Rangula prapancham loki adugu pettina taruvata chuttu unna prathidhi tempt chesthu untundhi. Kaani financial status emo daniki cooperate cheyadhu. Middle-class students exactly know this feeling!


3. We get so obsessed with a celebrity we love the most. Vallani abhimaninchina preminchina anthaga inkevarini premincham. Evaraina mana ‘devudi’ gurinchi thappuga matladithe vadiki sannayi melam vayinchalsindhe. Fake attitude tho show off cheyadaniki kondharu try chesthu untaru.


4. Compulsive gambling(or betting) is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the toll it takes on your life. It all starts with signing up for a ₹30 betting contest in Dream11 and the rest is dark history!

Starting lo saradhaaga untadhi kani tarvatha dhoola theerchesthadhi. Dheeniki dhooramga undatame manchidi.


5. Clans come up with their own innovative ideas for business. They design their future in a way they’re willing to live. The fact is that most of such great ideas get shelved due to few constraints.

“Youtube la cooking videos chedhamani ankuntunna..”
“Chesi nuvve chuskuntava”?

Ee Pellichupulu scene chala mandhi real life lo face chesi untaru. Graduation finish kaaka mundhu evariki okari kindha pani cheyalani undadhu. Andhuke ee startup plans esthu untaru.


6. “According to Freud psychology, Infatuation is only an attraction between male and female…” Balu Mahendra deeni gurinchi chala maatladesadu. Manam inka time waste enduku cheyali deeni paina? *facepalm*


7. This is considered as one among the few glories of life. Graduation is like renaissance period of such habits. This is purely left to one’s interests.

Idhi kuda oka achievement ye chala mandiki. Ekkuva matladithe censor vallu cut chestharu.

🚭Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are injurious to health🚭


8. ‘Travelling Soldier’ nundi ‘Dhruva title song’ varaku vachina prathi workout song inspire chesthu untundhi. Execute cheyyadam konchem difficult anukondi.


9. Playing games is the part and parcel of multiple years of graduation. Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, Clash Of Clans, Mini Militia ilaantivi kuda semester courses lo include cheyalsindhe..!


10. Be it by creating a Facebook page or else by making a short film or by dubbing for a random voice clip…These dudes constantly strive to please people around them.

Rojuki oka page like cheyandi antu inviatation vasthundhi. Insta lo Dubsmash videos, Viral aipothadhi anukuni friends theese short films
anni ee rogam kindike vasthayi.


11. Students pursuing their graduation in other states can relate to this. Home, home food, and home state are more than life for them! Mother tongue is in no way less than the mother!

‘Made in Andhra Student’ tag cheppukoni collar egaresukoni thiragadam lo vache kick-uu maatallo cheppalem. Semester aipoina tarvatha intiki vachinappudu ‘Indra’ cinema level lo nelani mudhadalani anipisthundhi!

“Nee kanna thalli, Ee nela thalli naalugu nelaluga neekosame edhuru chusthundhi Mahendra”!


These are our picks of ‘Graduation Side Effects’. Comment another thing which deserves a place in the above list. Thanks for reading!


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