This Woman From Adilabad Proves Nothing Is Impossible For A Brave Heart!

Move along, thigh-slapping machos. There is a new queen in town and she actually did something importance enough to call for a mustache-roll. G.R.Radhika, who was born in Anantapur, Rayalaseema and brought up in Kadapa, did something kickass. Ask me what she did. No? I will tell you anyway. She became the first Indian woman to climb the Kun Mountain, which is 7,077 m high, located in the Zanskar range of the majestic Himalayas. While seven people started on the expedition, only another person along with Radhika finished the challenge.

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Nonetheless, her trek to the peak of this difficult mountain isn’t the only journey in her life that’s worth mentioning. She used to be an English Language lecturer, which sounded too bland for her adventurous heart, so she pursued becoming an Additional Superintendent of Police and she did become one for the district of Adilabad. She humbly said in an interview for a newspaper that her bravery comes from her upbringing with parents who did not see her being a girl as a limitation or a weakness.
She conquered many well-known mountain peaks as part of her training and like any ideal go-getter Radhika talked about her thoughts to climb the Mount Everest someday. Let’s wish her luck in her future adventures, mountainous or otherwise, shall we?

Source: The Hindu

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