Google New App Lets You Delete All Your ‘Good Morning’ Messages And Other Junk At One Go!


Yesterday in the conference #GoogleForIndia a new app has been launched with the name ‘Files Go’– an app from google for android users, to free up space, find files easily, back them up to cloud, and share them with other smartphones, clean junk files and unnecessary cache. And the best thing about this app could be, all these things can be done, even when you are offline. Last month Google launched the beta version of the same app, after the bug improvements, now the app is fully functional and available in play store.



The app is very similar to Apple’s AirDrop, Files Go will let you transfer files directly between devices at speed of 125Mbps without costing mobile data. This app will be useful to the people who have using third party file managers all this time in their mobiles.



‘Files Go’ also gives us direct access to downloads, received files, apps, images, audio, video files. The app will offer suggestions for freeing up space, it will show you all the unused apps, large files, downloaded files. It also offers you an option to move files to SD card. The app is now live on all android mobile phones with Android version 5.0 or higher.


Get the App here.


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