Everybody Is Cracking The Same Joke On Tiger Shroff About Goodachari Teaser & Its LOLZ


Mana Telugu hero kaakapoina kuda, mana Telugu states mad craze unna heroes lo Okaru Tom Cruise ithe okaru Tiger (Puli) Anna. All thanks to his epic remake ‘Baaghi-2‘. He did a ferfamence in the trailer (movie motham chuse saahasam cheyaledhu, sorry), AK-47 saakshi ga, anni aascar-lu eeyanake.

Here’s a ‘cute’ tutorial by Tiger Anna, we did a few months ago, ‘Tiger Tutorials: How To Ruin A Good Telugu Movie In 10 Simple Steps!tap to read

If you think this is just it, no. He has also remade Parugu as Heropanti, ippudu aah kalaakaandam gurinchi endhuku lendi.

So, out of this frustration and madness of Telugu movie fans, we also did an article, ‘We Reimagined These Classic Telugu Movies With Tiger Shroff In It & The Stories Will Make You ROFL!‘ (tap to read). Which helped many people get out of Baaghi-2 trauma.

Ippudu vishayam entandi ante, even before Baaghi-2 released in theatres, Tiger Anna announced that ‘Baaghi-3‘, a sequel (that no one asked for) will also be there (Simplicity level: Tiger). And surprisingly, Adivi Sesh’s new movie Goodachari teaser also dropped just yesterday.

So, we don’t know whether that ‘Baaghi-3’ is ‘Goodachari’ or not. Kevalam Tiger anna ke theliyali. But internet lo Goodachari teaser chusina janaala burra loki vachina first person maathram Tiger eh. And everyone cracked the same joke, and it is making us worry already that, if this reaches to Tiger and if he actually ruins it. Here are a few epic ones.


1. It all started with this scary comment on YouTube


2. The same line, the same joke !! started to trend eveywhere.


3. I mean, the SAME one !!


4. Bumble Bee says ‘Babai Please


5. Look at the amount of worry & concern in this tweet


6. Jai Puli Anna, Jai Jai Disha Patani Abs


7. Memu kuda bro… Memu kuda..


8. Part-1 ki 6-packs, Part-2 ki 8-packs, Part-3 ki 10-packs


9. Hyaaats Aaaafff


Tiger to Adivi Sesh: Ooopiri Peelchuko

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