Meet Sangita & Archana, Who Are Bringing Back Our Good Old Games With A Modern Look


Sangita and Archana.. both of us met when we started our play schools almost 10 years back. Our passion for working with kids and Indian arts is always there.

No influence as such but we wanted to do something together as we had common interests and Games always excited us. so we thought of why not bring back the games which we played when we were kids.


We could revive quite a number of games because, we personally used to play them with our grand parents. We listed out the games we knew and then tried to gather the list of games which we have not played but existed in different parts of the country.

We met various people including old people and referred many books and even if u see today in ancient temples, you find these games engraved and etched on the stone of the temples

Games like Pachis, ashta chamma, vamana guntalu, puli joodam, daadi, chadarangam, taabla, kailasam, gachakaayalu, Bambaram, pittoo, kitchen sets miniatures in different material like stone, wood, brass, steel tic tac toe and other toys.


Roots For Spreading Knowledge :

Good old Games is one of the best pathway to get connected to real world and Spend time with family and friends. These Indian organic Games have moral values and good strategy and thinking skills. which are very useful to this generation kids where they hardly interact with each other. A simple game like 5 stones builds your eye hand coordination and vamana guntalu helps with counting. All these Indian games were the roots for spreading knowledge and skill and strategy as well.


So basically GoG is “keeping Traditions alive” and “crafting games to play” and play always means interacting with each other and using your senses and emotions.
It is like a cause for children and awareness for public and passion for Indian arts. We wanted to revive these games before they get extinct and bring them forward to the next generation. We may conduct awareness programs for children to bring interest in Indian art and games.


Response Is Very Good:

Adults get easily connected and excited as these games represent their childhood memories. They love to talk how they played and with whom they used to play. They get very nostalgic and feel how much fun this generation kids are missing. Recreation had no disadvantage in those days but now, it has more of disadvantages only. Children get puzzled seeing our games because for them games means virtual nowadays. They are more curious to know about the games and master them quickly. They are surprised to see real games. They have more questions..


We have so far done 5 exhibitions in Hyderabad and all the time the excitement level is same from public. and response is from all over the world. the first thing people ask is how could you get this extraordinary idea of presenting Indian games to the next generation.


Awareness & Enlightenment:

Depending on the response from public we keep moving ahead. it’s basically for awareness and enlightenment.
The thought of Good old Games started almost 5 years back.we wanted to do something related to kids and arts as both of us had similar interests and excitement for game and arts.


We get these made from various parts of India from diff artisans where these games are crafted according to the rules and regulations.
One of the most amazing benefits of board games playing is that such traditional plays pull people out of the digital world. Board games engage in activities that do not involve staring at a smartphone, tablet or computer screen. (And we need more of that, nowadays!)
Good old Games is An attempt to revive interest and promote ancient Indian traditional games to the present and future generation before they get extinct.


Many modern games played around the world have their origin in these traditional games.
This is a pride to our country’s culture
We started this concept mainly because
– We wanted to do something different and unique
– At the same time constructive and useful
– These games have almost become extinct so we felt we should bring them forward else they will be lost completely
– We mainly wanted people including kids to socialize and bring them out from this virtual world.
– These age old games have life skills
which we have learnt from our grandparents through these beautiful games.


If you wish to contribute, mail us at


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