10 Golden Rules You Need To Follow For A Better Year In 2019


2018 flash la ayipoindhi, 2019 loki enter avvabothunam. Bad luck eppudu mana venakale untadhi ane alochana pakkaki padesi, let’s just start the new year with few golden rules in our head.


1. Follow your passion

Miku nachina panini eppudu vadhalakandi. Cooking, photography, reading, writing edhaina sare; proper ga plan cheskuni things ni prioritize chesukunte dhenikaina time dorukuthundhi. Self-satisfaction is more important than anything else.


2. Be good to people

Talk with new people, make friends and build relations. Kotha vallatho tho matladthe kotha vishayalu chala telusthay. And always be humble irrespective of your status. End of the day, people matters!

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3. Commit to family/friends
Nijamaina happiness ochedi manaki nachina vallatho unnapude, so spend quality time with your family & friends. Entha stress unna, amma pakkana oka rendu nimishalu kurchuna, friend tho oka ganta matladina chalu, anni set right avthay.


4. Under commit, over perform
Eppudaina ekkuva promise cheyakandi, high expectations valla unnecessary stress tiskovalsosthadi. So always under commit and try to over deliver.

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5. Communication

Ee prapancham lo matalu cheppetode bhatakagaladu, idhi sathyam. Baga matladi janalani impress cheyandi. Choose wise words and respect every profession equally.

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6. Be sincere, not serious

What’s the point in sitting seriously for 8 hours in front of a system? Have fun, but be loyal to your work. And don’t overthink about any task, it leads to depression.

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7. Respect your body

Maintain proper weight and try to eat healthy, because you are what you eat. Eat according to your body metabolism, calories intake batti mana weight transform avthuntadhi. Exercising, dieting, edhaina sare first miru start cheyandi, resuts will follow eventually.

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8. Change is inevitable

Manam best ayyi undachu, but ee fast growing technology and modern generation lo eppatiki appudu update avthu undali. Always learn new things, be open to change and know your limits.

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9. Don’t waste your time

Don’t be late, responsibilities midha pade lopu miru anukunavi maximum complete cheyandi. Concentration & confidence, rendu pedithe edhaina sadinchachu. Just sell your skills and live life to the fullest.

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10. Start Savings

Wallet lo dabbulu unte gundello dhairyam ga untadhi. 500, 1000 entho kontha save chesthu undandi, baby steps counts. Eppudu elanti avasaram osthado evariki thelidhu.

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Ivanni maku thelusu le ra anukuntunara, mari paina rasinavatilo enni follow avthunaru? Follow aithe chala manchidhi, avvakapothe ee new year nunchi aina start chedam. Up your game and give the best!
2019 is waiting for you. Cheers!


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