A List of 9 Best Beaches in Gokarna & Complete Details About Them

Everybody knows that Goa is overcrowded. People love to visit beaches with lesser crowd. And that’s exactly why the beaches in Gokarna are popular for. So if you’re ever planning to go to Gokarna, here’s a list of the famous beaches in Gokarna & useful details about them:

1. Gokarna main beach:

One of the longest beaches in Gokarna, The entry point of the beach is present right near Mahabaleshwara Swamy temple, so it is mostly visited by the pilgrims. Once you get down at Gokarna bus station, you can take an auto to the temple, and the beach is walking distance away from there.

Famous for: Gokarna main beach is famous for Surfing, yoga and trekking.

2. Kudle beach:

One of the best beaches in Gokarna to swim at, because the waves at the beach are gentle and fun to swim at. The beach is also one of the most popular sunset points in the city. You’ll mostly find foreign tourists and backpackers here at the beach.

Famous for: Swimming, Shopping, Cheap stay and sunbathing.

3. Om beach:

It’s named Om because the beach is shaped like a half Om at the coast. This beach is a perfect paradise for water sports. If you’re going with family, this is a family friendly beach in the city.

Famous for: Water sports (all kinds), Food and sunset view.

4. Half moon beach:

Again, as the name suggests the beach is shaped like a Cresent. It’s present in between hills, lush green forest and sea. Basically this a perfect beach to trek and reach.

Famous for: Less crowd, Spending alone time.

5. Paradise beach:

A small beach that’s 70% covered with rocks, perfect for a small swim. If you’re planning to get good pictures in Gokarna, Sunrise and sunset look amazing from this beach.

Famous for: Night camping, night trekking.

6. Small hell beach:

This is not officially a beach but since it’s present in between two Paradise beach and half moon beach, a lot of people come here to chill. Don’t miss the view from small hell cliff when you visit this beach.

Famous for: Cliff view, Lesser crowd.

7. Honey beach:

A private beach accessible only to the tourists who stay at the property on the beach. If you’re looking for a private beach experience and have the budget, this is your place to go.

Famous for: Peaceful experience, no crowd.

8. Belekan beach:

One of the most remote beaches in Gokarna that most people visit via a boat ride. Best part is, while you’re on this boat ride, you can spot dolphins.

Famous for: Boating, Dolphin spotting.

9. Baada beach:

Crowned as the cleanest beach of Gokarna, Baada is the perfect beach to visit with family. Surrounded by hills on both sides, it’s perfect both for relaxing and for outdoor sports.

Famous for: rich, clean experience. Sports and cafes.

Happy and safe travelling!

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