10 Things That Tell You Why This Year’s Godavari Pushkaralu Are Going To Be Awesome!

So in all the years that we grew up, it has become customary that every now and then you hear all the grown-ups talk unendingly about something called Pushkaralu, and how the family needs to go on a trip to a certain river. And 2015 is another one of such years in which the elders start to plan, talk about and discuss extensively about this phenomenon. It’s the year of Godavari Pushkaralu. And a little research made us realize that this is indeed something that needs to be discussed about. Here’s what we found out!
1. Recurring on a 12 year cycle, Pushkaralu are the time when that year’s Pushkara Nadi is believed to be holy. 12 rivers of India are considered in this cycle and each one gets its turn every 12 years. And Godavari got its chance this year.
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2. It is believed that taking a dip in the Pushkara Nadi during the Pushkaralu will rid your mortal being of its sins. Also the mythologically, this is the time when Gods descend to the Nadi as well.
You get the thumbs up from the youth!
3. Pushkaralu are observed over a period of 24 days in which people from all over the country turn up to take part in the holy ritual.
4.The last Godavari Pushkaralu hosted an incredible 2 crore devotees and the State Government predicts that this year it would go as high as 4 crore people.
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5. A massive Sivalingam was erected during the last Pushkaralu in 2003 at Rajahmundry. This stands as a major and awe-inspiring attraction for the devotees visiting Rajahmundry for Pushkaralu.
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6. The state has sanctioned a thumping Rs. 100 crore budget for the arrangements and the engagements during Pushkaralu for this year.
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7. These engagements include Sky lantern festival, food festival every day in Rajahmundry, laser shows, sand art show, sound and light shows.
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8. On par with Bottled Gangajal sold at Kasi, this Pushkaralu, Godavari Puskara Jalam will be sold in bottles
at the venue. #HolySwag
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9. Special games will be held in 112 mandals during 12 days of Pushkaralu which will include Kabaddi, Volleyball, Athletics, Skating and Cycling.
9 TH
10. The Government is working towards setting up Wi-Fi Hotspots in the Pushkaralu venue as well as nearby bus stops. Technology meets Faith!
10 godavaripushkaralu2015
Fun Fact: You know why there aren’t any pelli muhurtams during Pushkaralu? It’s because all the Gods are busy taking a bath in the river. So they can’t attend your marriage, sorry.
Go book your tickets now and take a dip! Who knows how much of a sinner each of us are!?

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