Everything You Need To Know About The Tasty “Cheera Meenu” Found Exclusively In The Godavari Region!


We all are aware of Pulasa fish from the Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh, but there is another fish from this region which is equally famous for its toothsome taste. “Cheera Fish” or “Cheera Meenu” which is exclusive to this region only.

The scientific name of the Cheera Meenu is Saurida Tumbil. It is available at the Brackish water area where the Godavari river and sea water joins. This special kind of fish lays eggs here as there is plenty of oxygen available here.



When the breeze comes from the East Side of the Ocean, this fish comes out towards the bank side of the river. This will be identified when the birds fly down towards the river bank to catch hold of the fish from the water. There is a lot of demand for this fish during the Deepawali season.



The fish is be only one inch long. Therefore, during October and November, the fishermen catch the tiny fish with the help of saris. Hence it was given the name Cheera Meenu. People here spread saris at a distance of 10-15 feet from shore to catch this rare fish.

The cost of the fish starts from Rs 50 for a glassful of fish. Usually Fishermen sell them in pitchers and buckets. A pitcher full or bucketful of the Cheera Meenu sells at not less than Rs 10,000. A Kg of the fish species sells anywhere between Rs 500 and Rs 1000. The fish sells like hot cake in Yanam, Yedurulanka and Muramalla markets. In Kotipalli and Mukteswaram areas, people cherish eating this species. It is even exported to foreign countries.



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