If You Are One Of Those Who Uses Gmail More than Any Social Media, Here Are Some Hacks For You

Chinnapudu Gmail create cheskodaniki reason aitey mostly to create a Facebook account through it. After that, we barely opened our account and check our emails. But with time while we grow older, Gmail becomes the most important thing. Roju mana social media accounts check cheskunna cheskolekapoina, Gmail aitey pakka check cheskuntam. This is probably one of the best things about adulting.

When the role of Gmail increases and the importance of it changes, a few hacks for better use of the aim would help us in many ways. So, here are 13 Gmail hacks that will help you manage emails in a better way.

Finding the right email

Kavalsina mail time ki dorakatledhu annapudu, this advanced search is definitely going to save your day.

label:unread label:inbox

Labels and filters

If you are scared to miss out on important mails, then organize it with filters and labels.

How to create labels

Open email, go to the 3 dot menu filter messages


Go to the Search bar, click on the 3-line icon, create a filter and configure.

How to manage labels

Go to the 3-dot menu on the label name and click on manage preferences.

Important mails

Manaki kavalsina important emails midha ekkuva focus cheyyali annappudu, activate ‘priority index’ from the settings.

The keyboard shortcuts

If you are someone who spends a lot typing and reading emails, then these shortcuts will help you increase your efficiency.

1. ⌘/Ctrl + Enter = send

2. ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 7 = numbered list

3. ⌘/Ctrl+Shift +8 = bulleted list

4. Cmd + [ = indent

Emails into to-dos

As most of our emails are work-related we can convert them into a to-do list by using Gmail Tasks. This is definitely a lifesaver and will also help you in increasing your productivity.

1. Use a single click “add to tasks” icon

2. Refer to all tasks in the sidebar

3. Click on the task to find the original email

4. Mark tasks are done with a single click.


Okate content ni malli malli type chesi time waste chestunnara? Then use the templates

Click gear icon

See all settings


Templates section


Save Changes

Undo mails

Manalo chala mandiki mails undo chese option undhi ani teledhu. So here’s how you can undo your mail.


All settings


Set the cancellation period

Save changes


Mail ki konchem aagi reply ivvali anukunnapudu reminder oka set of minutes ki pettukoni, aa time ki reply ivachu.

Scheduling mails

Mana mail motham complete chesi, oka time lo aa mail send aiyye la set cheskovadaniki, this hack is the best.

Click the drop-down arrow on the send button to easily schedule emails.

Confidential mails

Mana important mails ni print, forward, copy inka download cheyyakunda undali antey, we can click on the icon below and keep it confidential.

Reference of previous mails

We can forward them using attachments.

Mute conversations

Oka thread ki multiple replies ochi notifications chala irritate ainapudu, we can mute the conversation and we won’t get notified.

Ala konni time-saving, life-saving hacks mi mundu. Miku telisi, memu miss chesinavi unte kindha comment section lo cheppeyandi… Vadeskuntam andaram!

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