9 Hormonal Changes In Body Every Grown Up Girl Will Relate To


Contributed by Swathi Rao

1. Being in this so-called ‘advanced technology world’ and open-minded people. Still, people hesitate and step back to speak about some common problems which affect 2 in every 5 women, and are being diagnosed with ‘pcos’, ‘pcod’, hypothyroidism, and other hormonal imbalances.


2. We suffer a lot having hormonal imbalances and getting diagnosed with PCOS and other hormonal imbalances in a very young make us go through a lot of changes. And push us into trauma It takes a lot of time to come out and be confident and face the world.


3. Some get a lot of facial hair due to this, some get severe acne problem, change in skin type , dandruff and some put on weight regardless how much ever we spend our time in gym, and diets it’s not about the food or calories we take in, hormonal imbalances play a vital role.


4. Due to the irregular periods, we have to take pills to regularize, but little we knew is those pills main side effect is pregnancy difficulties. One of the most misconceptions is thin girls doesn’t get hormonal imbalances or girls who stay in diet and have healthy food, it’s all about the hormonal changes and one cannot put norms on girls who’re fat will easily get hormonal imbalances.


5. We do love to eat high-calorie foods, and in the process of continuous body shamming we face, we forget and lose our real side and strive till we achieve the wanted size or rather I could tell the size society accepts.


6. But one thing is for sure we are the bravest and strongest of all, cause at one point of time we realize and start being ourselves and admire ourselves as we are because we are unique and we don’t need to fit in any beauty standards for one to look us and say “you look beautiful”. We do get hurt and hate ourselves at first and then we realize actual beauty and love lies within our self.


7. We embrace ourselves and believe in uniqueness educate and help other girls who are just been diagnosed. We embrace ourselves with a brave heart and no we don’t need or put a bunch of makeup products to look like diva it all lays in our self-confidence and a pure smiling face.


8. We get regular mood swings, high sugar cravings and sometimes loss of fatigue when you know the pattern of how your hormones are playing with you it’s so easy to trick them and enjoy yourself, and trust me it’s worth it and make you feel happier and pleasing yourself and satisfying yourself is just a piece of cake for you.


9. The most irritating thing at the same time makes us laugh is our size; it changes every month like our tastes.


So girls, what do you think is the most relatable to you? Do let us know in the comments below.


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