13 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs To Go On A Solo Trip At Least Once In Their Life!


To go on a solo trip and experience what the outside world is every girl’s dream. Manam unna society lo parents pette restrictions valla it might seem like an impossible task but this is one experience we should not deny ourselves of. Oka experience kontha mandhi life marchesindhi ani chaala books lo chadhuvuthaam , vintaam kuda, a solo trip can do the same for us. So a solo trip mana life ni marchakapoina, it will certainly have a long lasting effect on us. So here are some reasons to take a solo trip right away:


1.To explore
You’ll say yes to things you never thought you would. Vellina place kante ekkuva ga manam ilaanti situations lo ela behave chesthaam and vaatini ela deal cheyyaalo nerchukuntaam.



2. Independent
Be your own boss. Manalni entha garabhanga penchaaro ippudu ardham avthundhi. Anni maname plan inka book cheskoni trip ki velli enjoy cheyyatam lo oka bloody satisfaction undhi. (arjun reddy ishtyle lo)



3. Adventures
Illu daati bhayataki vellani manam, ila solo ga oka trip veskoni , dhaani implement cheyatame oka pedda adventure.



4. Strangers
Aadapillalaku daridram disco aadithe, intlo ne safety undadhu ,alaantidhi ontari ga unappudu strangers tho maatladatam ante its scary. But it is necessary as well as interesting!



5. Escape
Daily work tensions, intlo pette pelli poru ninchi chaala dhooram ga inko prapancham lo ke vellipoyinattu untundhi.



6. Free from judgments
Elago 2-3 days trip ki evaru theliyani place ki velthaam kabatti, avathali vaalla opinions gurinchi judgements gurinchi pattinchukokunda freedom ni full ga enjoy chesthaam.



7. Know what life actually is
Intlo kurchoni entha newspaper chadivesina, tv channels chusesina life ante ento manam personal ga experience cheste kaani theliyadhu. Aadapilla annaka intlo dhinchina thala alane ne undaali ane rojulu poyayi. We need to travel to learn to be street smart.



8. End of comfort zone
Intlo adigina ventane vasthulu ila vacchesthayi, idhe alavaatu aipothe manam lifelong dependent aipotham, ivvala father repu husband. But when you travel alone you are testing your limits and manaku nachanavi kuda cheyaalsi vasthundhi and that teaches us a lot.



9. Self love
Manaku chinnapudu nunchi family ni entha preminchaalo nerpistharu kaani manalni maname preminchadam nerchukomu. Solo trip lo manalani maname explore cheskone chance isthundhi which makes us fall in love with ourselves!



10. Free spirited
Edho rebel laaga kakunda entha family and friend ni love chesina we need our space and time, adhi prathi manishiki avasarame. Freedom antu misuse cheskomu, ila okkarame travel chesthe maaku kuda oka sense of being vasthundhi.



11. Therapy
Appudu appudu manam paniki raani vishayaalu and bad memories gurinchi over think chesthu time waste cheskuntaam. So, this is a great way to put behind everything that you don’t like and start fresh with the new you.



12. It makes you happy
End of the day that’s what we always want, mana happiness comes from the fact that we managed to do all of this on YOUR OWN.



13. Appreciate your life back home
Okasari manam independent ga baitaki velli maname bills kattukoni maname swathaha ga mistakes chesi realise avthe appudu thelusthadhi inti value.



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