12 Things A Girl Can Definitely Relate To If She Had Ever Lived In A Hostel At Least Once!


College is our first step away from home. Taking responsibilities and taking care of oneself without your parents is like entering another world. So since home is where the heart it, our hostel becomes our new home and friends are family. The walls of any hostel have wonderful stories to tell, memories of all kind. I had heard all kinds of stories about a girls’ hostels right from horror to stories about random fights. I was really scared in the beginning but I had the time of my life, so here are some of my girl’s hostel memories:

1. Girl talks in the washroom
One of the most sacred places in the hostel when conversations ranging from food to relationship decisions. Words of wisdom are exchanged here while talking over the cabin doors.

2. Downloading one episode on one room’s wifi
Our major source of entertainment comes only from the TV shows we eagerly binge watch. As soon as the season is out we have a small window of opportunity to watch before the show is ruined for us by spoilers. So downloading multiple episodes on the very slow Wi-Fi in different rooms is how legends do it.

3. Party plans
First party plan always involves planning in CID level, but most them end with puking while two sensible girls struggling to manage the entire gang. So when you come back to hostel after the given time with half of the girls almost falling on the ground your only option is to leave fake details with your warden. So Nikitha becomes Niharika and your number sometimes has more than 10digits.

4. Exercise sessions that don’t extend more than a week
The food served at hostels is so bad that our inner Aparichit comes out. So Swiggy becomes our savior and we end up making work out plans that never work out.

4. Dealing with insects
The gang is always divided into girls who are scared of insects and girls who aren’t. Let and let live is no longer our motto and to survive you need to kill. There are nights where my friends have stayed up scared and we ended up sleeping in the same bed.

5. Wardrobe problems
Girls hostel always have solutions to solve all the wardrobe problems. It is better than a shopping mall; you have multiple colors, designs and sizes. Wherever there’s a party coming there is an in house fashion parade happening.

6. Drinks in cups
If getting alcohol in is difficult finding the correct glasses to drink is tougher. So most of the tie we end up using tea cups, coffee cups and in desperate situations even bowls

7. Hostel fights
Girls in the hostel are always tired, hungry and crazy. They need a small turn off to explode, things as small as empty water bottle. It is very entertaining to watch 2 girls fight over a rubber band but you need to interrupt them sometime and sadly stop the fight.

8. Fake siblings/relatives
If the girls are not allowed to leave without permission, we end up making our friends’ boyfriends our brothers, we lead the thug life

9. Breaking dress code
Dress code is the most annoying thing about college. So our hostel rooms are where we experiment and invent new ways of breaking the dress code. Example wear a sleeve-less top but
with a pretty dupatta, comfortable and stylish

10. Smuggling
People usually smuggle drugs or alcohol but we are a level above all of these. WE smuggle hair dryers and straighteners that for crazy reasons are banned

11. Security guards
Creepy security guards are one of the bad memories that we would want to forget. Knocking on our doors unnecessarily or staring at even fully glad girls are his hobbies. But there were some nice ones with whom you had a healthy connection so he would help us in sneaking out

12. Dance videos
Hostels are hub to most of the Dubsmash and dance videos. The boredom in the air pushes to try out new things like making videos, so you have budding dancers, actors and writers and lots of talent filled in that one room.


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