This Girl Scored 0 Marks In Urdu, Because Her Subject Is Arabic & Not Urdu


If you’ve not been following, what’s happening, here’s a quick gist about Inter Results Blunder.

The person in below picture is Nausheen’s uncle. And here’s what happened.

Revathi, a user on Twitter, wrote:

He is uncle of intermediate second year student Nausheen. He has been roaming around #InterBoard since Saturday. She got a minimum 90 in all subjects but got 0 in Urdu. Problem? She didn’t appear for Urdu exam. Her language was Arabic!


She got a ZERO in a subject she didn’t even write exam for! Now if they want to go for revaluation- she has to pay for URDU. Not her subject ARABIC. This man has been at Inter Board for the past 3days and no official has any clue how to sort this mess.


If you are thinking there can be nothing more worse than this – he was picked up yesterday afternoon with other parents in a DCM and dragged to the police station. He was made to stand there for FOUR HOURS. He tells me, he was denied even water!

అరబిక్‌లొ పరీక్ష రాస్తే ఉర్దూలో సున్నా వేసారు! ఇదేమని అడిగితే 4 గంటలు పోలీస్ స్టేషన్‌లో మంచినీళ్ళు కూడా ఇవ్వకుండా నుంచోబెట్టారు! ఇప్పుడు revaluation ఉర్దూకు కట్టమని వస్తోంది, కాని వాళ్ళ పాప subject అరబిక్‌! Revaluation application కు ఈ రోజే లాస్ట డే

Hope the students get Justice ASAP!


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