These Recent Releases Prove That Powerful Women Roles In Films Are Now Unstoppable!


Time has changed! There was a time when girls were restricted only to household, which is not the same today. The power of girl has reached till Parliament. From politics to parenting, fashion to films- whatever the sector, girls are making a mark of their own. Celebrating the National Girl Child Day, and relating it to the current scenario today, it is quite coincidental to mention that Padmaavat and Bhaagmathie, two women centric movies are releasing this week. It’s a indeed proud moment to say that women are getting such powerful roles in the industries where only heroes are given priority and heroines are seen as mere show pieces.

We have literally stereotyped them for years and years. We accepted and we encouraged. It’s not the same now. Here and there, we are witnessing some lady oriented movies where the characters are beautifully written and portrayed. Beautiful women character, do we categorise it as such based on the dressing? Or by the thought process? Talk about Preethi, a girl who loves a guy to the core, and gives her entire life to him – there are people who felt that girls’ character has been defamed as she is seen kissing the guy several times throughout the movie. Showing love to the guy she loved the most, she calls it “LOVE”, but we stereotyped it as “Vulgarity”. In the country where people fight for equal rights for Men and Women, we are still not Ok if a girl is sitting with a guy in pubic.

Aruvi, a Tamil movie has managed to grab our eyeballs right with its posters. A Girl holding a gun, beer bottles, smoking up… and then the usual debate started about the so called “Western culture”. Yes, it is western culture and if a picture can inspire us in that manner, then there are lot many movies that show us the beauty of our culture. Are we even ready to give a damn if someone makes a movie such way. These are the days where creating a controversy are a part of promotions.

And then comes ‘Padmavati’ which turned into ‘Padmaavat’, because of various ‘foolish’ reasons. We all know why we termed it as ‘foolish’ but we just can’t raise the voice. The sarees and Lehangas which we made it the so called traditional material have now became ‘vulgar’ just because a set of people felt it shows their queen in an objectifying manner. The makers tried covering the ‘skin part’ with CGI. Even today, there are many protests, petitions, dharnas happening out there objecting its release. To be honest, no one in that mob watched the movie, one who watched it will never say it. There are many sectors where I could have pointed out those things, yet I feel ‘Cinema’ is something which everyone can relate to.

A Girl, she will be ‘SHE’ only when she is treated the way ‘she’ is and the way she wanted to be. In the so called democratic country, SHE has no right to speak to her interest. In the so called independent country, even today, SHE has no freedom to walk outside after 6 pm. In the country where ‘Women’ are worshipped, still. there are people who fear to give birth to a girl child. Wake up. It’s HER time!


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