Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Instagram Page’ Of Girl Formula

Miru okavela Chai Bisket ni baaga follow avthu, updated ga unnaru antey Girl Formula gurinchi ekkuva ga cheppe avasaram unnadhu. Paiga ippudu 30 Weds 21 chestunna racha, aa series ki ostunna positive feedback tho Girl Formula ane channel full limelight looki ochesindi. Inspite of the Girl Formula YouTube videos, Girl Formula has an Instagram page as well, just like any other YouTube channel.

‘Aa aitey? Annitiki Instagram accounts untayi, mikenti special, article raase antha?’ Ani miru anukovachu. Parledu ilanti doubts sahajam!

Here’s the deal. We are here to tell you why Girl Formula stands out in a way that is different from everything else out in Instagram.

Why only Girls?

Firstly to address the elephant in the room, andariki first oche question. Asalu account ni private enduku pettaru? Why can’t boys access to this account? To answer that presicely, social media can be a boon or a bane anedi telisina vishayame.. Facts can never be ignored, just like ahaa ammailu andharu safe ey ani entha anukunna, safe kaadu anede fact. Ammailani evaro edo antaru ane bhayam ni kuda pakkana pettesthey, we wanted a space for women to express themselves without a second thought of being judged or bullied. It’s about all women talking their hearts out in a wholesome nourishing environment that’s just for us women. Ichi padeyadam ey!

What do we do in Girl formula?

Okata renda? Chala ne chestham! Adi ma rajyam gaa.. Here are a few of them.


Yes! Meme pettam. Entertainment tho paatu maa ammailaki kavalsina prati information, you can find it here in our space. Anni women aspects cover cheyyadame maa aasha, aasayam. Dream, dream project!

Navvutamu ra bhai, navvutham, navvipistam!

We do the most crazy relatable girl stuff here. Normal gaa Instagram lo memes ela chestamo, ala ikkada kuda vesthamu, but… kaani it’s all about us women!

We initiate conversations!

We love to talk to the women on Girl Formula. Adhi chala chinna vishayam aina, leda pedda vishayam aina. Also, let me say it, women love to talk. Conversation is a key to every problem ani antaru kadaa, we follow it baaga.

Know your RIGHTS!

Maa Girl Formula YouTube family ippude 1M large aipoindhi.. Intha prema ni ela unchukuntam. Tirigi icheyaali ga.. Ledha laavu aipothamu. So to celebrate this, we launched #TheRightFormula on our Instagram. Mana Indian constitution lo women kosam unna laws, how to use it the right way, how to fight for what is yours, we are giving it all to you amazing women. After all, mana hakku ki manalni evvaru dooram cheyyaleru ga!

The tweet posts

Mana current situations ni oka 2 3 lines lo describe cheyyadam, mana view points ni baita pettadam pedda task ee. But what are we here for? We do that through our tweet posts. Kotthadam andi!

Real issues are here too!

We talk about the many problems women face in their day to day life. Problems ki solutions ma deggara unna lekapoina, problems gurinchi matladuko daniki oka platform istunnamu. Happiness ni share cheskovadam entha important oo, problems ni share cheskovadam kuda anthe important. And its great how women respond and are so ready to talk about it.

Trend ni follow aipodamee!

Lokham lo jarigina prati vishayanni mana ammailaki baaga connect aiyye tattu, cheseyadam ey maa pani! We also, truly believe women run the world, you know! Don’t you agree girls?

Midnight masthi with the girls!

Roju oka pun intended question tho ostamu. Danitho comment section lo aiyye racha intho antha kaadu! Aa masthi topic decide cheyadam maku entha ishtamo, daani kindha maa ammaila comments chadavadam kuda anthey istam.

Kreativity, I say!

Ammailu, elli chuseyandi, late enti?

The hardworking team of Girl Formula

We thrive to bring the best for you. Roju poddune lesi, eroju maa Girl Formula ammaila kosam em cheddam special gaa ane thought ey untadhi!

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An elder sister!

To say the least about Girl Formula, oka pedda akka laaga eppudu untamu. We are here for women, to uplift each other, to grow together, to glow together.

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Last lo, cheppali antey, ‘Inka chala unnayi lopala, dachaam anthe’. Miku full on entertainment kosam! ‘Mari makenti?’ ani boys anukovachu.. Miku kuda Boy Formula undi kada voi, akkada miku kavalsinantha entertainment dose ready!

Idi chaduvuthu, asalu enti ee Girl Formula ani anukuntey, here is the link. Ellipondi, we won’t disappoint you!

Here is the girls (Boys kaadhu):

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