All You Need To Know About GHMC’s Unique Food Scheme “Swachh Food Bank” – For The Poor And Daily Wage Labors!


Contributed By Nikita.

In a first of its kind move, GHMC has come up with a free food scheme that is all set to address the basic human necessity, “FOOD”. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has taken a path breaking step in terms of providing the basic necessities for the poor. After filling many hungry stomachs with a unique concept of “5 Rs meal”(which by the way has served over one crore people by now), GHMC has now established a ‘Swachh Food Bank’ program in Rajendra Nagar with the help of a few food manufacturing companies to provide free tiffins to the poor and small scale workers..

There are many industries in Katedan that manufacture chocolates, biscuits, bread and other food products, during the process of production a few of them undergo are distorted. Later, these edible items are either sold for lesser rates or thrown away. GHMC has decided to collect these food items and store in the Food Bank making it available to the deprived at the time of need. As a result of this, they can now provide free tiffins and snacks to the poor and needy. The bread and biscuits which are available now are being given to the GHMC cleaners. Soon, they plan on to establish more Food Banks in other areas too.

Additional Commissioner Ravi Kiran said that “The food in the Swachh Food Bank will be regularly inspected so that healthy and quality food can be provided to the poor people”. He also said that there will be many other centres established in the city and GHMC will soon give the details about these branches”.

This is a revolutionary addition to the ongoing 5 Rs meals and is surely going make sure the poor will have at least one meal a day. This noble decision by GHMC is revolutionary and has to be appreciated as it will serve many people who are poverty stricken and needy.


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