Want To Know What GHMC’s Annual Budget Of 5500 crores Has In store For Hyderabad?

As if the city already wasn’t basking in the glory of being deemed the best city in the India, with the grand budget of an insane 5500 crores, allocated for the city, there’s little left for Hyderabad to get any more awesome! Look at these huge numbers promising us a Hyderabad out of our dreams and let your jaws drop!

7 - Chai Bisket 6 - Chai Bisket 5 - Chai Bisket 4 - Chai Bisket 3 - Chai Bisket 2 - Chai Bisket 1 - Chai Bisket

These are some really grand plans that have made our eyes pop! We hope the execution takes our breath away just as much! GHMC, please don’t disappoint!

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