GharPe, A Start-Up In Hyderabad That Is Providing Pure Organic Milk & Many Organic Products To All Corners Of The City

Recent times lo Organic products meedha chaala mandiki concern perigindi. Bayata unna situations ki manaku kaavalsina immunity kaavalante, Processed food kanna organic food consume cheyyadame manchidi. Manalo chaala mandi consume chesedi, milk products. So, organic milk teeskovadaniki ishtapade vaallu kuda chaala mandi unnaru.

Hyderabad surroundings lo Organic milk on time door delivery kaavalanukune vaariki oka manchi option 2 years back start ayina oka startup. Varun B ane software engineer ee startup ni start chesaaru. Kurnool lo puttina Varun, Developer ga work chesthu.. Farming ki relate ayye enno seminars ki classes ki attend ayina taruvatha. Integrated farming (Oke chota Farming + Aavulani penchadam) aithe itu farming atu animal feeding ki mutual benefit untundi ani, aa type farming start chesi, organic milk ni, rice ni, vegetables ni pandinchadam start chesaaru. Verey buyers tho tie up pettakunda, direct ga farm nundi consumer ki andhela undataaniki 2019 lo start chesaaru. 

Present Hyderabad surroundings lo anni corners lo organic cow and buffalo milk ni supply chesthunnaru. 

In an interaction with us Varun B the founder of, He said,

“Our Cows rely more on open grazing for its daily diet. This way animals can choose its feed in open grasslands and hence they’ll remain both physically and mentally healthy. Same healthiness is reflected in their Milk too.”

“Milk is strictly handled in stainless steel cans during transport and delivered in food grade glass bottles to customers. This way we ensure there is no contact with plastic at any time.”

“More than 70% of our Users are Mothers who buy our Milk to feed their Kids. And very glad that few of our users have been using our milk in cancer treatment as part of Ayurvedic medicine.”

Start chesina 2 years lo, 7am lopu hyderabad lo anni corners lo milk ni deliver ayyela expand ayyaaru. Maro 10+ Organic farmers tho kalisi ee farm ni run chesthunnaru. Paalu teesina konni gantallo ne deliver chesthu A2 milk produce chesey athi takkuva companies lo okari edigindi.

Plastic and carbon products vaadakunda, Stainsteel, glass bottles lo product ni deliver chesthunnaru. Vaati meedha awarness create chesthunnaru

Future lo Organic millets ni, marenno vegetable products ni develop cheyyadaniki try chesthondi. 

Farming vaipu entho mandi youngsters adugulu veyyadaniki GHARPE laanti start ups success marintha help chesthaayi. 

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