Meet The Hyderabadi Brothers Who Are Changing The Future Of Transportation Through Electric Vehicles!


More than 5.5 million people die prematurely each year due to air pollution with over half of those deaths occurring in China and India, two of the world’s fastest-growing economies, according to a new research. Air pollution caused by gas exhaust from gasoline vehicles has become a serious problem causing many to cover their faces with masks while riding on the street. The gradual transformation from gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) has already begun with people focussing more responsibility for a better, healthier planet. For many reasons, EVs have caught the attention of commuters.

As you wonder, what this ‘social’ discussion is all about, meet Gayam Raja and Gayam Rahul – two brothers from Hyderabad – who are into manufacturing of electric vehicles for a better and safer planet. Upon completion of studies, both the brothers decided to do something unique and useful for the society. After a lot of thought process, the duo got into the automobile industry all thanks to the experience and support by their father who had been a part of the same business for quite a long time. If humans can believe, anything can be done…except for creating natural resources. Using the natural resources wisely and saving them for the future generations is where our prime responsibility lies. Saying no to vehicles with fuels, the two brothers focussed on the importance of electronic vehicles. For this, they have done extensive research at Hyderabad Central University besides learning more on powerful batteries.

Raja did his Bachelors in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad and his Masters at University College London. He has 6+ years of experience in automobile manufacturing and exports. On the other side, Rahul did his Integrated Masters in Physics at University of Hyderabad (HCU). He developed commercial electric vehicles from scratch with industry leading features such as integrated cooling system, Quadra-Drive system (patented), smart-BMS battery monitoring system, which are essential for a future-proof design. As part of his PhD work at HCU, he worked on developing Ceramic Super-capacitors which have the potential to replace batteries in electric vehicles, and have the added advantage of being charged in a few minutes instead of a few hours. The core team also includes Chief Operations Officer Sri Harsha Bavirisetty, who did his Bachelors in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad and an Executive Management course at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Through their study and examination for five years on this, the two brothers started ‘Gayam Motor Works’ with a single aim to make the future of transportation smart and electric. They are using Lithium ion battery – the one that is used for mobiles – for electric vehicles. Not just working on EVs, the two are even exporting bicycles to over 15 nations. These bicycles run 100km on a single charge.

GMW has been the face of India’s Most Advanced Electric Bike, LIMITLESS. It has even designed and launched a new version of electric three wheeler auto rickshaws suiting Indian markets and conditions. Ranked among top 10 Indian Start-ups (2016), GMW even forayed into 4-wheeled vehicles. It designed, developed, and manufactured 4-wheeled vehicles and exported to Bangladesh. Striking big, GMW’s first customer is UBEREats – which uses electric bikes for food delivery in Singapore, HongKong and San Francisco.

Long vision, proper planning and predicting what the future needs and acting accordingly is what leads us towards success. The two brothers are doing the same and deserve every bit of appreciation for the brilliant idea. It’s time to rethink how we distribute and experience energy. Let us hope to see a sustainable planet thanks to their strong efforts.


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