This Documentary About A Man Who Performs The Last Rituals Of Unclaimed Dead Bodies Will Give You Shivers!


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Rajeshwar Rao, the man who performed more than 12000 death rituals of unclaimed and unidentified bodies is the main subject of this documentary. Gateway To Heaven by Anshul Sinha is a hard hitting, thought provoking documentary based on a true story which has won several national and international awards. This documentary throws light on the ugly side of how innocent people fall prey to the international organ mafia, the reality of mortuaries in Hyderabad and how greed for money comes way ahead of humanity. This story shows the hardships Rajeshwar Rao, goes through to perform the last rituals of unclaimed, unidentified bodies and his journey to start his foundation “Satya Harishchandra Trust”. This documentary will leave you questioning your beliefs on religion, humanity and how we try to make money out of everything-including death. It also subtly throws shade on how someone with money and power can bring him to mercilessly take one life to save another.


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