Return Chetha Free: Your Garbage Will Be Dumped Back Into Your House In Kakinada If You Do This.

Mana illu clean ga undali anukovadam bagundi.. kani mana wastage ni bayata road medha veyali anukovadam asalu bagaledhu, ardham kaledha..? Ante general ga manam intlo wastage ni bayata padestham kadha, ika nunchi ala chesthe mana intiki Return Gift vachesthadi, gift ante edho expect cheyakandi, manam vesina wastage ni manake malli return gift laga mana inti mundhu padesi veltharu ata…

Debba adhurss kadhu, idhi edho kothaga vinthaga bhale undi kadha, asalu matter ento thelusukundam randi..

Mana illu clean ga unte manaki safe, adhe mana colony antha clean ga unte andhariki safe, andhuke mana East Godavari district Kakinada city Municipal Commissioner Swapnil Dinakar Pundkar garu oka manchi initiative thiskunnaru..

Evaru aythe inti wastage ni sanitary workers ki kakunda bayata padestharo, vallani identify chesi proper verification tho vallu vesina garbage ni malli vallaki isthu inti mundhu padesi return gift istharu..

Thokka le, ilanti enno chusam ayina intiki vachi mari wastage ni padesthara antara..? oh sari ee video chuseyandi, reality clear ga ardham aythadi..

Swapnil garu thana staff members tho garbage ni collect chepinchi ah wastage ni evaru padesaro vallake home delivery chesi inkosari ila road medha wastage ni litter cheyakandi sanitary workers ki ivvandi ani explain chesaru..

If any person is found littering roads, he or she will be warned first. If caught again, a fine will be imposed on them. This is our attempt to create awareness in the public and make the city clean, he said.

Motham Kakinada lo around 900 sanitation workers unnaru, exclusively for collecting garbage. 7 am to 9 am vallu garbage collect chesthu untaru, prathi intiki RFID (radio frequency identification) tag ni icharu, sanitation worker mana intiki vachi wastage ni thiskelletappudu dhanitho scan chesi register avtharu, proof kosam anamata..

Commissioner Swapnil garu said that:

“Now, we are collecting all kinds of garbage together. After three months or so, we will start collecting dry and wet garbage separately. People have a habit of throwing garbage near waste bins, rather than inside them. So we are planning to remove the dumper bins in the city within a year. We want Kakinada to stand ahead in the race for Smart Cities. Sanitation and cleanliness are our priorities,”

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