9 Characters From ‘GANGSTARS’ That Reflect The Harsh Reality Of Film Industry!


So finally its out, the first ever Telugu Web series on Amazon Prime Video, ‘GANGSTARS‘. With an interesting cast starring Jagapathi Babu, Navdeep, Sidhu, Rahul Ramakirshna and many others, it’s not just fun to watch, but also has some elements that reflect the real side of Film Industry.


1. Thoughts Of A Dad when his son wants to enter Film Industry

One of the lead roles in this series, Ajay wants to become a Film maker, and of course his dad doesn’t like it very much.

And there’s reason why his dad doesn’t want his son to be into films, because, he himself once struggled in his life wanting to become an actor, and he doesn’t want his son to end up like him. (But, on the inside he wants his son to become a successful film maker).


2. Struggle Of A Producer

Whenever a film doesn’t perform so well, the first one to get hurt and to be trolled is the Producer of the film. His money is one of the major things that’s driving the entire movie, but sadly they don’t get as much importance as they deserve. Posani’s role shed light on some of the much needed issues. We hope things get on better track at least now.


3. Frustration Of A Hero

In order to Satisfy his fans, how a ‘Star Hero’ has to give up a few things, and have to stick to the regular Masala films, with some stunts and songs. Navadeep’s role exactly showcases the flip side of the fame, and how it effects a person.


4. Unseen Side Of Heroine

‘Heroines are not just meant for glamour, they deserve their own Space, dignity, and self respect’. There are a million things hidden behind her smile that we, the audience fail to understand.


5. World Around a Rich Person

In a world of rich (and evil) person, a man is always surrounded with people who want him dead, so that his money gets inherited. Jagapathi plays a rich Gangster, whose role makes you both Angry and kind of sad for him.


6. Thoughts of an Optimist

The role of heroine’s mother, is both soft natured and pure hearted. In fact her role helps Jagapathi Babu’s role to control his evilness.


7. View Of A Common ‘Maasss’ boy

A character we must have definitely seen in real life. ‘Movies and Acting are chill bro.. Even i can do it’ kind of attitude. He fears nothing, he cares for nothing. Rahul Ramakrishna, aced this character with ease.


8. Trials of a budding director:

Now a days, it isn’t enough if you have talent, you also need to have perfect timing sense and a bit of luck to survive in this society, especially in creative field.


9. Questions faced by an Wanna Be ‘Female Producer’

Come on, let’s face it. If a girl wants to be in a creative field, all she gets in return is a bundle load of questions like, ‘Why ?’, ‘What ? ‘, ‘Who ?’. We are pretty sure we all must’ve seen such powerful women in our life who have been put down by others just because they are ‘women’.


So yeah, from an upcoming film maker’s thoughts to an evil Gangster’s thoughts, the first ever Amazon Prime Video Telugu web series ‘GANGSTARS‘ has it all. And reflects many relatable characters.


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