Ganapathy & Bhavani From OK Bangaram: This Is The Kind Of Love We All Wish For In Life

Contributed by Jayamaduri Dandu

You call me old school, Yes I am.  I seriously mean every line though. Patha chinthakaya pachadi laga ah characters ki connect avadam enti anukokandi. I connected because this sounds real and epic. It still haunt my ears where bhavani call him’Ganapathy’ like he is the owner of her heart. This is really such an eye-feast watching Prakash Raj garu and Leela Samson garu… How beautifully they fit into the characters. Come lets enjoy some vintage love..!

  • Bhavani loved carnatic music and Ganapathy loved her for who she really is.
  • From scolding adhi as ‘NYANASUNYAM’(mannersless fellow) for not understanding carnatic music and the way she said when adhi asks her ‘Bhavani aunty pedha star anukunta meru’? She replies ‘Avnu’!! Aaaat mass!
  • The way ganapathy uncle patiently dealt with her Aizheimer’s is out of words. When Adi asked with great awe as to how Ganapathy uncle manage Bhavani aunty and tackle all the problems patiently, Ganapathy uncle replied (smiling), “She calls me Ganapathy with affection the next morning, that makes it all worth it”. This one dialogue clearly sums up the love they have for each other.
  • He did everything with utmost love and care. From cooking to feeding the food with love.
  • When Adi asks ‘Ganapathy uncle meru ela pelli cheskunaru?’ The way she looks and says ‘Siggu padaku Ganapathy’ Em kavali chepandi inthaku minchi. She says ‘Eyana dark ga handsome ga undevaru’ Dude really someone admire each other at that age ah?
  • Adi don’t want to marry at all…alatidi uncle, aunty love chusi vala perception lo think cheyadam start chestadu. ‘Life lo malli malli second chance dorakadhu, Dorikinapudu vadulukokudadhu’ this line impacts adhi very much. Infact, They are the behind pillars of ADI & TARA’s MAGICAL LOVE!
  • She accepts the live in relationship happily saying that ‘Ee ganapathy epudu old fashion..Paatha chinthakaya pachadi laga’ Kani aame ki kuda telusu dhani taste speechless ani. Though she can’t remember everything she adds  ‘car tholetapudu indicator una kitiki dinchi cheyi petti apandi apandi ani arustaru’. Prema chupinchali ana meme, punch lu veyali ana meme.
  • There was not even one instance where Ganapathy uncle complained about his life.
  • Ganapathy stood speechless when she starts playing. Also the way she accepted Tara soulfully for the way she sung, Bhavani aunty proved us what passion and music makes to people.
  • The most heartfelt moment when she asked him ‘Oka roju mimalni kuda marchipothana Ganapathy’, we could feel the pain and the inseparable bond they shared.
  • This couple taught us that love is not always about cute texts, lust and cuddles. It is also about putting up with our partner and loving them unconditionally when they are hardest to love. Then Ganapathy and Bhavani..Now Adi and Tara

Love, Mani sir !

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