This Is Probably The Most Accurate Feeling Of A Frustrated Film Aspirant!

There is something I have been thinking to say from many days.. It hurts me, never leaves my head and frightens me to see how things will be if the trend continues like this.. Since the social media revolution, I have been seeing a trend of making fun of those who are serious about academics , portraying them as spineless and good for nothing nerds. On the other hand, glamorization of bunking, discontinuing education and leaving education to go to film industry is dominant. If someone is really passionate and has stories to tell, it’s perfectly justified to try in films, but I strongly believe that one will achieve that maturity only after a certain age, may be after the graduation. I really want those who are in schools and junior colleges to concentrate on academics until they attain certain maturity to know where their passion really lies.

Believe me, life is no fairy tale! Don’t think that film industry is the ultimate destination or the noblest profession or anything just because you hear about it in news every time and people talk about them all the time in social media.. To be frank, it’s a tiny industry with maximum turnover of around 1000 crores per annum… Do you have any idea about the turnover of the company I’m working for ? It’s around 25000 crores.. yes, you heard it right ! Please delete the false impression from your head that you will be a hero in life only if you do something in film industry. There are hero’s on academics too, please realize that ! Don’t get carried away with all the glitter and lights.. There’s lot more in this world, don’t be fooled by the fake exposure. I’m not degrading film industry in anyway because I myself am passionate about films. It took me a lot of time and self-reflection to realize my passion. In the meantime, I have also realized that I love doing the job I’m doing right now. So please don’t get carried away by pseudo ideologies until you attain certain maturity.. please don’t put your life in a fix at young age. Remember, life is no fairy tale !

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