Bored During Lockdown? These Top Universities Are Offering FREE Online Courses For Us


It’s been more than a month and we are still wondering what to do during this lockdown. We might have covered almost everything that pops up on Netflix and Prime suggestion list. We are already bored of taking up new challenges on social media. We can’t play ludo all day. So what to do?

For all the people who want to learn something new and explore some new perspectives, this might be something that can help you to pass the time and use your lockdown time in a better way.

There are a lot of Colleges and e-learning platforms which have released 500+ Free Online

Courses during Lockdown. Here are some of the most popular ones:

If you click on the link below, You’ll be redirected to the following pages.

1. Free Stanford Courses

2. Free Certification Courses

3. Free Harvard Courses

4. Free Coursera Courses

5. Free Udemy Courses

6. Free Lynda (LinkedIn Learning) Courses

7. Free Digital Marketing Courses

8. Free edX Courses

9. Free Web Development Courses

10. Free Drawing Courses

11. Free Google Courses

12. Free Excel Courses

13. Free Alison Courses

14. Free Udacity Courses

>15. Free Khan Academy Courses

Some Indian Universities and organisations are also organising free webinars which might help you to learn or understand something new in this period. You can follow their website or social media pages to get updates about the webinars.

Following are the Indian organisations/universities, Please visit their respective sites for their webinars.

1. Indian School of Development Management – ISDM – Webinars

2. MindSperm – Webinars

3. Harappa Education – Webinars

4. Ashoka University – Webinars

5. O.P Jindal Global UniversityWebinars


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