“Free Coffee for Hugs” – Ikea’s Innovative Entry Into The Hyderabad Market!


Who can resist a big, warm hug straight from the heart? As a part of its activities, IKEA has come up with a campaign “Free Coffee for Hugs“. A mascot dressed up as Famnig Hjärta, the iconic IKEA heart-shaped red cushion, walked around Forum Mall with a placard ‘Free Coffee for Hugs’. A free coffee and cookies were given to visitors, who chose to give a hug to the mascot at IKEA’s experience centre.Right from children to adults, everyone showed interest in this event.



The visitors experienced the world class furniture and design walking through store enjoying the hot coffee. The main idea behind this campaign is to ensure that everyone who visits IKEA Hej HOME feels welcomed and can enjoy a free coffee while getting to know IKEA better.



As we all know, Ikea-World’s leading furniture store, is all set to open its first store of India in Hyderabad! An experience store had already been set up at Forum Mall where people can experience the wide range of affordable and well designed world-class furniture. The store also has sustainability area where you can find furniture made through recycling process. They are also involved in activities where in waste can be utilized in a proper way. Ikea, also came up with an initiative through its foundation wherein they train women in backward villages and cushions or other furniture made by them were promoted and sold here.


The experience store is designed in such a way that one can feel it their home. Right from kitchen to bedroom everything was set up in best and budget friendly way. Ikea even visited 500 Indian homes over the last two years to study customer preferences. Its team also conducted research on the culture and values of the people of Hyderabad to connect more closely with them.

IKEA has also been actively engaging with members through the loyalty program called IKEA FAMILY. Members have been enjoying great benefits including home furnishing ideas and inspiration, workshops and events and much more. IKEA has already conducted various workshops including Introduction to Home furnishing Solutions, Learn Decoration Styles, Lingonberry Magic, D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) Camp, etc. Every Saturday Sunday they have WONDERFUL WEEKENDS – where people get a chance to win a smart IKEA product. They have something on the weekdays too where members enjoy CAFÉ WEEKDAYS where they can walk into IKEA Hej HOME, get home solutions, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a cool glass of Lingonberry juice, on the house! You can join IKEA FAMILY here. And most of all, it’s free!


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