This 120 Year Old Lake In Hyderabad Is Near To Its Death Because Of Pollution And Being Ignored!


Lakes filled with garbage are a very familiar story in Hyderabad. Blame it on the huge amounts of toxic wastage that is released into them and also citizens mindlessly throwing garbage into them. Same stage has occurred to the ‘Fox Sagar lake’ which is a little distant from Medchal Road. This lake was built in 1897. Though no one actually knows where its name come from, it is said to be named after Colonel RE Fox and its name got settled after ‘Fox’ was engraved on its pump house. When it was built, Fox Sagar was the biggest water body in Secunderabad. But sadly, today, it is only just one-third its original size.

As time passed by, due to the industrial wastage and garbage being thrown in it, its water became unfit for human or animal consumption. Over the years the land surrounding it was also affected and has become unfit for cultivation. Once being the major drinking source to many areas in Secunderabad, it is sad that it only stands second in being polluted, after Hussain Sagar. Thanks to the release of heavy industrial, municipal and pharmaceutical contaminants, this engineering marvel has come destroyed to this stage.

This lake was fit for agriculture and irrigational purpose till two decades ago. But recent urbanisation has taken a toll on this lake and destroyed its aquatic life. Though fishing still happens in Fox Sagar, fish are filled with toxic chemicals. A batch of youngsters and students did a cleaning campaign on this lake and several truckloads of garbage were removed on the first day itself. In those piles of garbage, the team found a host of industrial waste like rubber tubes, electric cables, discarded netting, car insulation material and industrial waste dumped in the lake. This shows the pitiable picture of the lake right now.

With no new lake being built in Hyderabad recently, it is our responsibility to save our heritage and saving this lake is a part of it. It’s high time officials realise this saddening condition of Fox Sagar and do the needy.


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