Meet The Former Gangster Who Is Now Reforming Wayward Teenage Boys!


In the early 90s Nakka Rajashekar Goud was in his 20s, like every other teenage guy he had a lots of enthusiasm. But it was misplaced by him and chosen wrong path which makes him to enter into criminal world. When he joined in B.Com in Sanghi College, Tarnaka. He was with his friends and when ever some one sought help from him, he would rush and indulge in Violence as a part of help(Settlement). This was his entrance into the murky criminal realm. Local politicians started using him, and in 1996 as a part of a major incident he and his gang was listed in rowdy sheet.



When he was young, he dreamed of becoming an SI and also appeared for a few selection examinations. When ever some criminal incident happened in the city he was frequently interrogated which made his parents sad. Later on, when Narasimhulu was the Circle Inspector of Alwal station two decades ago, he learnt about Rajasekhar’s educational qualifications and counselled him. At that moment Rajashekar realised how much he was being misused by the politicians.

After closing rowdy sheet on him, he started his own business and he is living peaceful life. Whenever he spots teenage boys who seem inclined towards crime, he counsels them and helps them to get a job. The educated ones get placed at call centres and the others as ticket collectors in a theatre or a waiters in restaurants.

Rajasekhar and his friends pick people in the age group of 18 to 25 who show inclination towards criminal activities. They believe that this is the time when they need to be stopped. There is also a rise in the number of educated people taking to crimes. Rajashekar counsels them by telling them about his own life and struggles. He is ready to start a NGO to counsel the teenagers who get attracted towards crimes. Rajasekhar’s life story resembles a commercial Telugu film plot. He has now become the inspiration to all the wayward boys who want to reform their life.


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