22 Indian Start-ups That Got Featured In ‘Asia 100 to watch’ Forbes List

Mowa Forbes Asia ‘100 to watch’ list enti mowa asala?

Asia Pacific region lo unna startups anni okka list chesi dantlo best perfoming startups oka hundred tisthe oche list mowa. Latest ga Forbes vallu chesina 100 companies list lo Indian companies 22 unnayi (highest among all other countries in Asia). Rickshaw, drone, satellites edhi vadhili pettale anni cover chesesaru manollu. 17 countries nundi 10 sectors lo anni companies nundi tisthe India(22), Singapore (19), HongKong(10), Indonesia (8), Japan (7) list lo most number of companies unna top 5 countries anamata. So okapudu OYO, Ola, Swiggy ivi manaki teliyani companies kani ippudu most successful ventures, viti lane ipudunna list lo companies kuda future lo gattiga vinipisthayi. Anduke ee 22 companies ni oka dagara pettesi list chesesam oka look eseyandi

What does Forbes consider in choosing the companies?


Headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region

At least a year old

Privately owned

Latest annual revenue of maximum $20 million


Positive impact on the industry/region.

Strong track record of revenue growth.

Promising business model

Persuasive story

Motham 10 sectors lo ee companies divide ayyi unnayi , so we arranged the companies according to their respective sectors.


Aqua Connect

Year founded: 2017

CEO: Rajamanohar Somasundaram

Aquaconnect provides services for fish and shrimp farmers.

Aqua Connect is a farm advisory (provides data to increase farm productivity) and an online shop for equipment and supplies. Aquaconnect also provides financing, insurance, and a network for farmers to connect with potential customers.



Year founded: 2018

CEO: Ananda Verma

Fasal is an AI-powered platform that takes the guesswork out of farming by providing real-time data on farm conditions in local languages to farmers on any device.


Qzense Labs

Year founded: 2019

CEO: Rubal Chib

Qzense Labs provide end to end technology solution for fresh food operations. Qzense charges a monthly subscription for its IoT sensors to help growers and retailers assess and manage food quality.


Year founded: 2016

CEO: Tauseef Khan

Gramophone which was started as an e-commerce farming supplies platform expanded to offer a full range of farming services including a post-harvest trade network and crop management advisory. In the last two years, it says it has added 500,000 customers and more than doubled revenue.

Bio-technology & Health Care (4)


Year founded: 2015

CEO: Gautam Chopra

Health Arx Technologies’ BeatO is a platform for managing chronic diseases such as diabetes through subscription-based smartphone monitoring, information and online supplies.

Makers Hive

Year founded: 2018

CEO: Pranav Vempati

Makers Hive is born to leverage the gap in the assistive-tech industry, especially Prosthetics, and build health-tech devices to turn the people with amputations from disabled to futuristically abled and from being a thing of pity to a source of envy.

A fully functioning bionic hand can cost $30,000 or more, a prohibitive price for most of the 39 million amputees worldwide. Makers Hive says by creating its parts in-house it could introduce KalArm last year for just $5,000, garnering $3 million in orders within a year.



Year founded: 2019

CEO: Akshat Nayyar

Truemeds is a company that is ysing AI to help patients purchase generic medicine.

Turtle Shell Technologies

Year founded: 2015

CEO: Mudit Dandwate

When hospitals turned away non-Covid-19 patients during the pandemic, Turtle Shell’s Dozee monitors changed homes into mini-ICUs. A WiFi-enabled hub connects to sensors placed under a mattress to transmit real-time data such as heart rate and oxygen saturation levels to doctors and family.


Convosight Analytics 

Year founded: 2017

CEO: Tamanna Dhamija

Convosight is a community marketing platform that uses data analytics and machine learning to help brands tap into communities. It is an All-in-one platform to monetize Facebook groups. With more than 300M members in the communities, the company has a mission to empower community leaders by unlocking the earning potential of facebook groups with professional tools, expertise, and brand connections all in one place.


Year founded: 2015

CEO: Satyam Darmora

Omnia Information’s i2e1 (Information To Everyone) has enabled digital inclusion for millions of Indians by turning local shops into WiFi hotspots. The shops provide internet access for as little as 5 rupees (7 cents) a day or for free if users agree to participate in corporate surveys.


Log 9 Materials

Year founded: 2015

CEO: Akshay Singhal

Log 9 Materials is a nanotech company working to develop both energy storage and filtration technologies. During the pandemic, it launched advanced UV disinfectant products and has also produced long-lasting battery packs to charge two- and three-wheeled vehicles.


Education & Recruitment (3)


Year founded: 2015 

CEO: Pravin Agarwala

Betterplace lets companies digitally hire and manage blue-collar employees(working class person who performs manual labor.), while bots help them upgrade their skills. The workplace management platform, the company says, is used by clients including Amazon and food delivery services Swiggy and Zomato to verify, track and pay staff such as security guards and construction workers.


Entri Software

Year founded: 2017 

CEO: Mohammed Hisamuddin

A language learning app for job skills, Entri’s market is the estimated 400 million Indians aged 18 to 35 who are not proficient in English. The company says it acquires about 350,000 new users every month and about 5.5 million people have used Entri.



Year founded: 2016 

CEO: Sarvesh Shashi

A yoga studio with 93 locations across India and London, Sarva quickly pivoted to yoga instruction via a mobile app during the pandemic. Within 12 months Sarva says the app was downloaded 600,000 times.


Logistics & Transportation (2)

Bellatrix Aerospace

Year founded: 2015 

CEO: Rohan Ganapathy

Bellatrix aims to create high-performing, cost-efficient satellite propulsion systems, including a patented one that uses water as a propellant.


Oye! Rickshaw

Year founded: 2017 

CEO: Mohit Sharma

Oye! Rickshaw provides app-based last-mile ride-sharing and delivery in Delhi and nearby cities via electric rickshaws. It has over 7,000 drivers and completed over 8.7 million rides. Founded by engineers Mohit Sharma and Akashdeep Singh, the company plans to expand its service across India.


Construction & Engineering  (2)

Brick & Bolt

Year founded: 2018 

CEO: Jayesh Rajpurohit

Pluckwalk Technologies’ Brick & Bolt is a design-to-build platform for the construction industry including project management and regular quality checks.


Planys Technologies

Year founded: 2015 

CEO: Tanuj Jhunjhunwala

Planys’ underwater drones search trapped miners, inspecting ports and offshore energy facilities.


Food & hospitality sectors (2)

Vahdam India

Year founded: 2014 

CEO: Bala Sarda

Vahdam India is in its quest to create a global Indian tea brand. It appears well on its way, saying revenue is nearly doubling annually and its products have been delivered to 130 countries.



Year founded: 2016 

CEO: Vijender Reddy Muthayala

DrinkPrime offers a pay-per-use model for water purifiers, so customers don’t have the high upfront costs of buying and installing filtration equipment.


Entertainment & Media


Year founded: 2015 

CEO: Yashash Agarwal

Gamezop is a multigame platform that allows users to play their favorite games without having to install individual apps.


 E-commerce & Retail

Captain Fresh

Year founded: 2019 

CEO: Utham Gowda

Captain Fresh uses digital technology to streamline the seafood industry. Its real-time B2B platform uses AI to help 550 retailers—a base that has grown over 500% in one year—match customer orders with India’s fishermen and fish farms.


Avandi mari Forbes list loki ekkina budding companies. Evariki telsu repu podhunna Uber kanna Oye Rickshaw ne better emo. Medicines ki Truemeds ye vadatham emo , asala inni innovations ni correct ga use cheskunte life easy aypothadi anipisthadi apudapudu. Prasthuthaniki article save cheskondi , future lo handy ga uuse avuthundi. Tag your friends and share this information. Ika Selavu.

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