10 Foods That Girls Must Consume To Get Their Periods On Time!


Girls ki unna problems lo main dhi periods time ki raakapovatm. Manatho daagudu moothalu aadesi, sudden ga BOOCHI ani bhayapetti mana daridhram baga unte 6 rojulu chukkalu chupinchi odhilipettesthaayi.
Dhaani aapalemu kaani timeki occhela maathram cheyyochu, correct food ni correct time lo theeskunte.


Pineapple generates heat in the body. So, eat high amounts of pineapple 10 prior to the due date.



It is rich content of Folic acid, Potassium, Niacin, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and Fiber.



Carrot contains beta carotene which encourages estrogen hormone.



Black grape contains flavonoids, minerals,vitamins C, K, A which also boosts the immune system.



Ginger has many healthy properties and one of them is that it helps to reduce the menstrual pain.



Papaya also has carotene which helps to get periods on time.



Almonds, in particular, contain protein, fiber, plant sterols, and several other heart-healthy nutrients.



Sesame seeds induce periods on time. Sesame with jaggery is the best combo and can consume it daily.



Rich in proteins, eggs help our body to deal with any menstrual problems.



Flavenoids have estrogen like activity which also helps in enhancing micro-circulation in the ovaries and endocrine glands, and increase dopamine(feel good hormone).



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