Attention Food Lovers! This Sunday, There’s A ‘Food Truck Festival’ Going On In Hyderabad!


Food Truck Festivals have become the new attractions across the nation. With a wide range of food trucks and good atmosphere, the festivals offer a great holiday and hangout to the crowd. One of the pioneers in creating this food truck festivals across the country a rage, Feast at Trucks has been on a roll since June last year in the food industry. It’s main aim is to create great marketplaces for the food truck industry industry. The second season of The Hyderabad Food Truck Festival is the fourth of the events and second one in the city of Hyderabad by the startup in this journey. The other cities include Vizag and Pune. One gazes upon the smiles on their loved ones’ face and is filled with joy and content. They are delivering that day filled with joy through Food Truck Festival.

The event starts from the time your stomach craves for food i.e. lunch and lasts through the day and as the sun sets over the stage set, you can see the memories you’ve made that day with your family and friends all in one place without having to run around. The food doesn’t run out! The flea market stalls won’t close! A day of entertainment! The day you can run from the daily races. An escape! They plan on taking you on a musical journey with our three bands. The band Rich Rock Addiction energizes your day and gets you in the mood to groove. Adavi will make you remember the n number of times you played your favourite tollywood and bollywood songs in the repeat mode.While the night falls and one stays longer to step to the music and eat their favourite cuisines under the beautiful night’s twinkling stars they present to you Origami. Crowd engagements ranging from games to art exhibitions will make sure the first Sunday of March will be a good holiday.

The food trucks are loaded with delicious cuisines from different continents. Sweet, savory and magical are the tastes provided by them. Fill yourselves with content and lots of tasty, flavourful food this Hyderabad Food Truck Festival Season #2 at Elite Cricket Ground on March 4th 2018. You can grab your tickets now at Tixdo.


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