How To Check A Flooded Car & What To Do With It: A Helpful Video


If you’re seeing the news, You know how bad the rains are in Hyderabad right now. And if you’re reading this from Hyderabad & Your vehicle is damaged because of the rains in Hyderabad, Worry not. Here are a couple of video that might help you!

If you’re wondering, ‘Really! Is it that bad in Hyderabad?’, Here’s a picture that pretty much explains the intensity of rains in the city.

Here’s a useful video of a man neatly explaining what to do with your flooded car & how to restore it.

In the 2 videos below, There are many important points that he has discussed. But one important point to be remembered is, Your damage will be much lesser, If you have NOT started the engine at all after the vehicle has drowned.

Watch the videos below to understand what can be done to your car:



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