Flirting Or Deep Conversations? What Makes The Relationship Lasts Long?


Context ardhamaipoinatte kadha andhariki? Flirting aa Deep Conversations aa? Or a proper blend of both?
Note: Perspective differs from person to person. Idhi work out avtadhi, adhi work out avvadhu ani nenu cheppatledhu, don’t judge me okay ?
Mee thoughts/views ni comment section lo pettandi.

To kickoff, Emotional connect is the base for any relationship. Naku telisi aa connect valle strong bonding anedhi form avtadhi. Compatible avvalana, oka sync lo undali ana oka understanding anedhi very important.
Deep conversations tho mellaga okari gurinchi okaru telskuntu manchi bond ni build cheskovachu – this will definitely lasts long. No matter how your relationship turns out, mutual respect anedhi pakka untadhi.

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On the other side, Flirting makes your partner excited. But will that excitement long for a prolonged period anedhi oka big question? It varies from person to person. Initial days lone gatti flirting chesesthe response ela untadho kooda manam oohinchalemu. Maturity, age and chala factors midha depend ayuntadhi.
Also, miku nachina vyakthi ki flirt chesthe nachudho ledho kooda manaki mundhe telidhu ga. Endhukante ‘andharu abbailu inthe’ anukovachu or ‘enti vidu ila matladthunadu’ anukovachu, inkoka step mundhuki vesi block kooda chesi padeyachu ?
That ammai reaction be like ?

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Adhe manam konni meaningful conversations start chesi, manaki istamaina vallani engage chesthu melliga oka rapo create cheskunte vere ga untundhi. They will start giving importance to us, they will start liking us and share things.
So I believe it’s better to give some time. Talk and Talk sense. Know about each other, understand the person and then proceed.
PS: All these matters only if you are looking for a solid relationship. Na Instagram account lo oka chinna poll pedthe 82% Deep Conversations ye anaru:

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So, most of them in general will be into this healthy conversations ani ardhamaindhi. So 80% deep conversations, oka 20% flirting tho manam kooda conclude cheskundham frands ?
Inka ee renditni correct ga manage chesevallu untaru chudandi – vallu assalu sisalaina thopulu. Tag them in the comments section and let this world witness few thops?
Oka pro tip entante never ever flirt someone just for the sake of time-pass. It may affect badly. So achi thuchi adugu veyali frandss, ardhamaindha..


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