That Awesome Moment When It Rained Fish In Krishna District!

Gollamudi town of Krishna district witnessed a bizarre incident. It rained fish this Friday morning! Look at the streets filled with fish.
Farmers harvesting fish in the fields. Source: The Hans India
So apparently it isn’t a relatively new phenomenon. Fish falling from the sky is normal. We know how weird it sounds but it’s true! Apparently waterspouts that are formed over water bodies when cool air meets warm water.
Source: Geography Student
Now these waterspouts which are like tornadoes are funnel shaped and look like a tube connecting the sea and the clouds.

These waterspouts are powerful enough to carry small fish which will be carried on with the clouds to the land and then rain after the current can’t carry them anymore.
Source: NGC
And that’s why the fish-rain! Hence Proved!
fish that fell from the sky in Sri Lanka
Source: Guardian
Sounds cool though, no?
Oh, and P.S: Here’s a video too!


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