Reasons To Vote For The First-Time-Voters- A Satirical Request!


My dear kotthaga-vote-hakku-ochina-voters…come on .. it’s time.. Online lo rechipoye my dear mitrulaara, vote veyadaniki aalochisthunaara? Aithe, ee post meekosame… Ee 11th April, 2019… you are the most powerful person. Ninnu aapetodu ledu (voter id lekapothe thappa). Nee dhammu dhairyam prapanchaniki chupinchu. So, industry ni… ssss…. sorry.. politicians ni kumme time ochindi.. Here are some of the reasons to some of the legends to step out and vote this 11th April!


1. You can upload selfie with your inked finger..

Ahmedabad : BJP PM candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi shows his inked finger after casting his vote at a polling station in Ahmedabad on Wednesday. PTI Photo(PTI4_30_2014_000090A) *** Local Caption ***


2. You can do tiktok videos when you are waiting in the line to vote

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3. You can cheat and no body can do anything to you: Dabbulu teeskoni neek ishtam ochinodiki vote veyyi

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4. Costly breakups laanti videos chusina gunde ra manadhi.. So, vote chesinaka, Facebook lo videos upload chesi.. nee patriotism baita pettacchu.. rechipovacchu.. avasaram aithe over excite aipoyi edvacchu kuuda…

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5. Vote vesaka intikochi online war continue cheyachu.. Dhairyanga neku nachani party ni thittacchu, nacchina party ni lepacchu.. but, only after voting.

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6. Add DJ Sashi music to your 10/15 secs video you recorded while waiting outside polling booth – post it to WhatsApp with mutlicolor effect and mutli zoom-ins.

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7. After voting, you can come home and start creating polls asking who will be next CM (Insta/FB/Twitter)

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8. You can proudly start talking about state budget, jobs, inflation when you’re not playing PUBG.

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Most importantly.. you’ll have a reason to talk!

Go. Step out and Vote.

Try to be the change or at least part of the change you want to see.


Dabbuko, heroismko, bedhirumpuko vote veyaku. Neeku nachinodiki ..neeku nammakam unnodiki vote veyyi!

Annattu inko point gurthochindi.. Lafoot political ads thagguthai next elections ki, ee sari nuvvu correct ga vote esthe.. Nee ishtam inka!

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