Here’s All You Need To Know About The First Smart Village Of Our Country “MORI” In Andhra Pradesh!


Mori – This tiny cashew-exporting village located near the Bay of Bengal in the East Godavari district is now fully digital with all the households enjoying WiFI, Internet connectivity and cable TV while making all transactions cashless. It’s now India’s first Smart Village. All the 1,189 households are provided with the internet at 15 Mbps speed, cable TV, and telephone connection through fiber grid. Each of them can watch 250 television channels. All their transactions are through e-banking, AP Purse, Rupay cards and SBI Buddy. Even small kirana shops have been given e-pos machines. This is something which we dream for, the team of UC Berkeley with the support of State Government has brought it into reality.

The Gram Panchayat would be replaced with LED bulbs in all streets and houses, which would save 50 per cent power bill to the village. Already 328 LED bulbs had been fixed in the residential areas.A group of UC Berekely fellows trained the villagers on e-payments and the advantages of new Apps and net-banking post demonetization by making door-to-door visits.They also helped the farmers with the agricultural practices.

When this team visited this village in first place, it’s nothing but a small backward Indian village living in a hope of getting better. The team identified the problems in the village and analyzed the business aspects which can provide income for the villagers. They have organized Open Innovation Challenge at Visakhapatnam where students from various colleges across the state have come up with the solutions. The feasible solutions were taken and the team of UCB has brought into reality with the help of the government and some industrialists.

Many Corporate companies have come forward in joining this smart village development. One of them is C-fog, which installed a sensor technology in tanks. Through that, the villagers can monitor levels of tanks. When level gets decreased the message will be sent to the villager’s mobile. This sensor technology is useful in shrimp culture. They will be able to prevent shrimps from dying. Mori, a sleepy cashew exporting village in East Godavari district, has emerged as the first super-smart village of the state. Even as the rest of the country is struggling to switch to the digital payment mode, this small village has proudly hoisted its flag high to declare as an all digital administration panchayat. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu said that this Smart Village is a unique product of a scalable vision for bringing sustainable practices among villagers through technology and innovation. This is the first smart village in India to have incorporated methods for the optimal utilization of available resources and opportunities for better income.

Taking this forward, UCB-AP Smart Village team and Govt of AP have decided to introduce this same concept to few other villages in Andhra Pradesh. Following the same, the second phase of open innovation challenge was held at KLU University. Let’s hope with in the next few years, we can see more and more villages like Mori which are lit with digital and smart technologies. In this technology dominated era, villages are being neglected. But the wealth of the country lies in villages. Human resources and natural resources of villages have to used to increase the revenue.

As Gandhiji says, The future of India lies in Villages. For India to emerge as a developed nation, the villages have to develop first.

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