Telangana’s Ibrahimpur Becomes The First Cashless Village In South India!


The vision of digital India is coming true. In the ongoing cash crunch ,Telangana government has announced that, Ibrahimpur village in Siddipet Assembly constituency has become cashless, claiming it is the first hamlet in south India do so.

The village, adopted by state irrigation minister T Harish Rao, has a population of about 1,200 and the process of opening bank accounts to all and distributing debit cards and swiping machines has been completed.

Ibrahimpur is the first village in south India to become cashless, the state government release claimed. It has become the only village in all of South India and second in the nation after Akodara in Gujarat to turn towards cashless transactions.

The Siddhipet district administration has opened bank accounts for those villagers who did not have them, provided everyone with debits cards, and they also set up card swipe machines in shops and micro ATMs in ration shops. In the last few days the bank officials issued more than 300 new cards and activated around 700 cards.

Earlier this village achieved nationwide recognition for implementing rainwater harvesting methods and received Nirmal Gram Puraskar in 2013 and has recently won a national award for sanitation. Over two lakh saplings were planted in the village during a program titled Haritha Haram in July 2016.

State irrigation minister T Harish Rao, has decided to make even his Siddipet Assembly constituency cashless by the end of December.


Cover Image Source: The Hindu


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