14 Filmy Reactions To B. Tech College Situations!

College lo unnappudu drama intha antha undadu. Ah konni yeellu oka circus la gadusthayi. Alaanti marapu raani time ki memiche chinna tribute!
1. Morning first class lo ne surprise test ani chepthe…

2. Your pithre fraand to you: “Saar sudden ga question ese sariki em cheppalo ardham kaledu mama…”

3. After an internal: “Exam ela raasavu ra?”

4. When your Principal starts self-dabba during your fest.

5. 4-1 lo mee Topper friend gadu ese queschan: “Ye ra… M1 malli dobbindata ga?”

6. When someone asks you “Lunch tarvatha classulaki raaledenti?”

7. When that CSE girl you’ve been stalking on Facebook suddenly replies to your msg.

8. And when you have to ask her out with the limited Aanglam you know.

9. Meanwhile, Mechanical vaalla badhalu…

10. When your HOD starts taking about your “National Level Technical Fest”.

11. When you ask your friend to give important questions for Externals, and then he just doesn’t stop.

12. There’s always that one guy during a fight, with “too much background” 😛

13. Exam mundu roju one-night batting apudu okadni pattukuntaam andaram.

14. When a classmate comes for the first time to last bench. 😀


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