Suffering With Loneliness & Unable To Do Anything About It ? Read This


We are social animals. We crave for happiness… We crave for attention… We crave for people to be around us all the time… That’s where the trouble begins.. Because everyday is not the same.. and everyone is not same everyday.. All we get back is a reason to move on.

If you are happy today then be prepared. Too much of happiness is not always a good sign. When everything is going according to your plan, then even a small distraction is going to hurt you a lot. May be a lot more. People around us always want to keep us happy. And that concern eventually starts hurting your emotional side. That concern later becomes a seed for secrets. They hide because they don’t want you to get hurt. You get hurt because they hide.

Meanwhile two big things will join your league of emotional atyachar. Priorities and caring. As I said, people are not same all the time. People will not be the same with you all the time. You may be their priority now. But not always. It’s better not to stick your emotions on one .. because people around you suck to the core. We always look for something better. Don’t we? So do they. When they find it, that becomes their priority. You know what, the most painful thing is being a second priority. Knowing that fact, we still believe that they will come back to us. They will but only in the absence of people they care. When you get to know it, it hurts and that’s where the next thing comes to us. LONELINESS. One of the most dangerous disease in the history.

That thing will make you better. Sometimes it will make you take some adverse decisions. When you choose the second one, you will surely gonna end up as a failure. When you pass that phase with a better choice, you are gonna be a better person. In this phase you actually feel that you were left alone. But that’s not true. You are never alone. Somewhere, someone feel the same way as you do. According to the World Health Organization, India is one of the most depressed countries in the world. While around 9% of people in the country say they have experienced extended periods of depression at least once within their lifetime, nearly 36% have suffered from Major Depressive Episodes . See you are not alone in this fight. Loneliness is the root cause for many suicides in the world. Remember do not fall into the same pit as they did.

Its never an easy thing to get out of that phase. You need support emotional, mental as well as medical. But in this country, there is always a phobia to visit a Psychiatrist. And also we are not ready to share about what we are going through in our mind as we have a fear of what people thing about us. This is the place we all have to rethink again. At least once. Those who are going through the phase its better to share it with someone you trust or may be with someone who trusts you. And you.. yes I am talking to ‘YOU’.. If you find someone struggling to get out of depression.. help them. Support them emotionally and stand by them.

There are lot of organisations which are working to help people with depression. If you or any of your loved ones is facing a mental health problem, know that help is available through any of the organisations listed here.
1. The Mind Research Foundation
3. NIMHANS Centre for Wellbeing
4. Cadabam’s
5. Hope Trust India

Here’s How can you help your friend going through a depressed phase?


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