If You Thought Feminism Was A Stupid Idea, You Should Read This!

One of the most misunderstood ideas of modern world is the concept of feminism, which is not to say that feminism itself is a modern notion. It is as old as the Women Suffrage Movement, but it is fairly a new idea when it comes to our country, even more so when it comes to our states. So, here is a friendly guide to what feminism is and what it isn’t:

Side-note: This guide is not for people who know exactly what feminism is, but aren’t behind it. This is for people who are misinformed or uninformed about the idea.

. What is feminism?

Good question. Feminism is the idea that gender should not be a constraint when measuring an individual’s ability to perform a task. For example, if a woman [daughter, wife, friend etc.,] comes to you and says to you that she wants to do something and your answer is ‘why not?’ then you are a feminist, but if your answer is ‘But you are not a man’, then I am sorry you aren’t a feminist.

. What isn’t feminism?

Better question. Feminism isn’t man-hating, neither is it the end of the world. End of an unfair, prejudicial world, yes. But, not the actual world.

Okay. Now you know everything you need to know about feminism, right? Not so fast. Let’s do some exercises. I know, boring.

1. A woman has the right to dress the way she wants to. Yes or no?

N…Yes. Yes. I know. Women dressing in skimpy clothes make you uncomfortable. Well, maybe I am being stupid but isn’t that your problem? Also, [both men and women] don’t freak out every time you see a bra strap. It’s not a secret. Every woman wears it. She has to… because, gravity!!


2. A woman can choose not to learn how to cook or be a bad cook. Yes or no?

That’s a tough one, but yes. Like men, women can choose to employee a cook instead of doing it herself. But, it’s always good to be self-sufficient, regardless of gender.

Bisket Vidya can’t cook. We NEVER judge though. 😛

3. A woman can pay for dinners and other expenses without hurting your manhood. Yes or no?

Yes?! But, I am the man of the house! Well, she is the woman of the house. Anyway, why would you not want a partner who can pay up for herself and look after herself? That is one of the many perks of being with a feminist. Enjoy no!

4. A woman can do anything she wants to without caring about your feelings. Yes or no?

Yes and no. Yes, because no human being owes another anything. No, because nobody gets to belittle you, not even a feminist. Especially a feminist. If a self-proclaimed feminist asks you to ‘man up/Do not cry like a girl’ run as fast as you can. Because asking a man to live up to a stereotype while fighting for female justice is hypocritical.

5. A woman can be infidel in the name of empowerment. Yes or no?



Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? No? To be fair, societal reform isn’t supposed to entertain. It’s supposed to inform and I hope it did that. No? There is no pleasing you people.

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