Here’s How You Can Help & Feed The Migrants By Sitting At Home


Gatha 1 month ga mana lives lo ‘normal’ ane feeling ye poyindi. Everything feels new and different, thanks to corona virus. Manalo ne chala mandhi financial crisis face chestunnam, A lot of middle class families are also in this situation right now. But manake ila unte, Just think about daily labour and migrants. Veellu just veella homwtown ki vellataniki gatha 1 month ga try chestunnaru. But the situations and the government are unable to help them.

Everyday, National highways meedha entho mandhi migrant workers nadchukuntu vaallaki hometowns ki velthu news lo kanipistunnaru. Chethilo dabbulu leka, Thinataniki food leka, Asal intiki cherukuntama ledha ane chinna hope kuda lekunda they’re still trying their best.

This small video gives us an idea of what the migrants are going through:


NH-44 meedha 1000s of migrants workers unnaru, Who are hopelessly trying to reach home without any help. To help these migrants with some basic food, A team of school teachers and senior citizens have been working continuously in helping these migrants stuck on highways. A.Ganga Reddy, collected this information, took it to Facebook and helped this reach a lot of people.


The team:

Dr Naveen, Naresh and their friends have been helping migrants at Indalwai tollgate. Senior citizen Rajesh Sharma is helping migrants at Armoor junction. Headmaster Rajeswar & 100 other teachers are helping people stuck between Armoor-Perkit junction to Busapur. An Anganwadi teacher, Ameena Begum is helping migrants near Mupkal junction. And Harpal Singh is feeding the migrants near Adilabad junction.


Ee paina list lo cheppina people antha gatha 40 days ga NH-44 meedha help offer chestunnaru. With their own money.

These people start their activity at 5AM in the morning and it goes on till 8PM. They have rotis prepared with them to provide to the migrants coming their way on highway.

Mari at the end of the day, Ee migrants ki kavalsindi, Vaalla vaalla homwtowns ki cherukovadam. So, These teachers wave towards the lorry drivers coming their way with food, So that the drivers stop the vehicle and have some food there. Mari ah aagina lorry lo ne migrants ni ekkinchi, Vaaallaki help chestunnaru.


Meals, Water packets, Butter milk, Glucose are a few things that are being provided to migrants and lorry drivers. Daarilo vastunna lorries lo unna space batti, Avi velthunna daari batti. Migrants ni vaari vaari hometowns ki cherchatam lo help chestunnaru.

But the thing is, They’ve been doing this since weeks now. 100s of migrants are coming in everyday. And Veella deggara funds aipoyay. So if we can just contribute them just by sitting at home. It would be a great help to the migrant families.


A.Ganga Reddy, said:

చివరి మాట : నిన్న మేం మహారాష్ట్ర సరిహద్దు వరకు వెళ్ళాం . రోజుకు దాదాపు 8 వేల పైనే వలస కూలీలు , రోజూ ఈ మార్గం గుండా నార్త్ ఇండియాకు వెళ్తున్నారు . ఆ సంఖ్య రోజు రోజు కు పెరిగే అవకాశం వుంది . ఫూడ్ సెంటర్ల ఏర్పాటులో ప్రభుత్వం నుండి ఎటువంటి స్పందన లేదు . అందుకని వాళ్లకు ఆహారం అందించే పనిలో , అందరం కలసికట్టుగా, ఓ కమ్యూనిటీగా దీన్ని ముందుకు తీసుకెళ్దాం . ఈ సెలవుల్లో , తమ ఫ్యామిలీ టైం వదిలిపెట్టి , ఇంతటి పని చేస్తున్న ఈ టీచర్లకు సహాయపడదా౦ .


A live video from Telangana – Maharastra border . NH 44


A video from, Coimbatore to – Bangalore- Hyderabad- Nagpur – Rajasthan highway


Ameena Begum, One of the voluteers, Serving food and water for walking Migrant workers for 35 days


Where to contribute:

Headmaster Rajeswar: 9912685455

Bank details ( from all teachers )

AC NUMBER : 52161168736, IFSC : SBIN0020894

Google pay( Prabhand): 8008880747

If you send a message to above number, With your name and the amount you’ve contributed, You’ll be added to a ‘donor’s group’, where you’ll be receiving updates about their activities.

You can read the posts below for better clarity:


An update: After a lot of people started sharing about this on going charity, Donations have started to flow-in. A.Ganga Reddy again took it to Facebook to update the things in detail. Have a look at the post below for a detailed explaination.

Food Camp – NH 44

Food Camp run by teachers at perkit junction, Nizamabad district

Around 100 plus teachers, under the guidance of MEO Battu Rajeshwar garu, have been running food camp for migrant workers on NH-44 at Perkit junction . Everyday 8,000 plus migrant workers are traveling on NH-44 to reach their homes in North India .

Since they have been running food centre here for a long time with their own expenditure, they are running out of funds now. So they need more funds to continue the services.

As per the teachers’ experience and calculations , the budget required to run a food centre

1. Everyday , For 1200 migrant workers – 1200 food packets needed

2. Each food packet consists – three Chapatis , one curry , two water packets and a buttermilk packet

3. For for each packet, it costs : 15 Rupees
For 1200 packets, it costs: 18,000

So for another 10 days we can cover 12 thousand people -it costs : 1,80,00

4. Additional food help for for women and children = 20,000

5. 100 plus teachers and 30 women cooks are working voluntarily .

6. So to run a food camp for 15 days continuously, we need 2 lakhs .

7. Our plan is to run three food camps ( Perkit junction , Mupkal , Pochampad )

8. Food packets will be distributed in 3 shifts -morning -400, afternoon -300 , evening -500

From yesterday’s facebook article, in one day we have gathered 2,46,245 ( Two lakhs plus ) by 1 pm . With this amount, they can run one food camp only .

So, they need another 3.5 Lakhs to run two more food camps.

Please contact the in-charge of this service

Battu Rajeshwar ( MEO , Head master ) : 9912685455

Once again, The details of the account to contribute:

Bank details (from all teachers unity )
AC NUMBER : 52161168736, IFSC Code : SBIN0020894
Google pay( Prabhand) : 8008880747

Once you transfer your contribution, they will add you in the donors’ whatsap group. So all the updates will be communicated to the donors in a transparent manner.


If you wish to contribute, mail us at

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