FB Announces Tinder like Dating App. And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About!


When initially Facebook got launched in 2004. It was just about sending a friend request and chatting. Years after, now FB is way bigger and more than that. FB now has potential to become a Blood Donor on their platform. Everyday, FB is just growing rapidly.


Apart from Photo/Video sharing, going live, creating events. And if there was any major feature that was lacking on Facebook it was ‘Dating’ (Of course, other than data privacy). Although it was talks that ‘Dating on FB’ will be soon available to users, nothing actually happened.

On Tuesday during Facebook’s Annual developer conference in San Jose, California. Mark Zuckerberg announced that the match-making Dating feature will available on FB ‘soon’.

What is this Dating feature ?

Zuckerberg said, “There are 200 million people on FB who have marked them self as ‘Single’. This new service will let these people connect with each other from within the company’s primary app. And if we are committed to building meaningful relationships, then this is perhaps the most meaningful of all.


he also added, ‘This is for building real long-term relationships, not just hookups.’ Which seemed like a a dig at Tinder, which is still best known for hooking people up with people they find attractive by showing their photo, age and first name.

When will it be launched ?

Although he hasn’t mentioned any specific day. Zuckerberg said, ‘It will be optional and will launch soon.’ He added, without giving a specific day.


A prototype of how the service will look was displayed on screens at the conference which showed a heart shape at the top-right corner of the Facebook app. Pressing on it will take people to their dating profile if they have set one up.

How will this work ?

1. The ‘Facebook dating profile’ you’ll create will be separate from your regular Facebook profile.
2. It won’t show/suggest your friends as people you might want to date.
3. Your dating profile won’t show up on your news feed or be visible to friends. It’s only for others using the dating service.

4. After setting up a profile, you can browse events and groups based on location and interests. After you “unlock” an event you’re attending, you can view the profiles of others who have also unlocked that event.
5. Users can chat with each other through a private messaging feature that won’t be connected to Facebook’s other messaging services, Messenger or WhatsApp.

The dating service is being built with privacy in mind, so that friends will not be able to see a person’s dating profile, Mr Zuckerberg said.

And regarding the much needed talk about recent FB Data Privacy Breach, Zuckerberg said that, ‘this was a “major breach of trust” that must never happen again.’ And three major things will be kept mind from now on:

1. Let members see which third-party sites and apps Facebook collects data from
2. Provide the ability to delete the information
3. Prevent Facebook from being able to add such details to their profile in the future

FB is also building a tool called ‘Clear History’, which will allow you to be able to see and clear what data Facebook has collected from apps and websites.

Apart from these, the major changes that FB, as a platform is planning to bring in are,
1. Instagram Video Chat
2. AR Camera effects on Instagram
3. WhatsApp Group Calling
4. Crisis/Natural Disaster Response

He also said that, this dating feature is completely safe to use as it will undergo ‘Cambridge Aanlytica’ service. Surprisingly, as soon as he announced about this service, the stocks of Tinder service have dropped drastically by 22%. Which is the highest ever drop recorded in a day. Let’s hope this App/service will be worth the wait.


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