This Impactful Interactions Of Maharshi Team With Farmers & Students Are Must Watch For Everyone


General ga Movie oriented Interviews ante Aa movie cast and crew tho untundi. Interaction ki Media Deligates vasthaaru. But ee madhya movie interviews gaani interactions gaani konchem different ga kevalam movie promotion ke kaakunda kontha productive ga undataaniki try chesthunnaru. Recent ga Maharshi Team Ilaanti 2 Interaction sessions organise chesaaru. Vaatiki Mahesh Babu and Director Vamshi Paidipally attend ayyaru. Andulo okati Farmers tho jarigina Interactive session aithe, HPS students tho jarigina Interaction. Both Interactions are Unique and Informative.


Maharshulatho Maharshi
Farmers tho jarigina interaction lo Lakshala Salary ni vadilesi Farming chesthunna vaallu, Tanu farming chesthunna land lo panichese vaallaki Major share ni ichesina vaallu, Ilaanti enno inspiring stories unnayi.


Repati Maharshulatho Maharshi
Director Vamshi Paidipally chadivina school lo ee interaction jarigindi. Many Students asked very worthy questions. Its was natural and funfilled interaction.


Movie lo enno commercial aspects unna kontha manchi point untundi. Aa manchi point ni elevate chese ilaanti interactive sessions jaragithe movie anedi oka enterainment element tho informative element kuda avthundi.


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